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hi, I am 26 weeks gone and just been told I’ve Polyhydramnios, this is my 3rd child, other 2 were fine, I am 40 years old and am very worried, please if anyone can help I would really appreciate it

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I had polyhydramnios with my first child, i only had it mildly, so only a bit above the norm. Your midwife and clinical team will be able to keep an eye on you. Most of the times it happens for no reason, but occasionally its linked to gestational diabetes. They may not want you to have a home birth and will keep an eye on you near the end to make sure that baby settles into pelvis - on occasion if theres too much fluid then baby doesn't come down. But it is also quite normal for the fluid to naturally lower at the end stages - to help prepare the body for delivery.

I had some extra scans so you get to see baby a bit more often, and with polyhydramnios it can cause a slightly bigger baby, but mine was 8lb at 41 weeks so pretty normal size.

Its worth writing down some questions and ask your midwife next time you see her, she will be able to answer your questions more specifically to the extent of your polyhydramnios.

But try not to worry too much, it doesn't necessarily mean anything is wrong or will go wrong! Best of luck x

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thank you so much, diabetes ruled out, I’ve been so nervous since I’ve found out, as I’ve never heard of it before

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