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Sweep and induction

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Hello lovelies, I hope you’re all okay.

We are nearly there - I am 37 and a half weeks now and enjoying the last few weeks of pregnancy.

I am booked in for a sweep this Friday 23rd and then if that doesn’t work, will be induced on Thursday 29th. I just wondered how successful your sweeps have been so early in pregnancy (and this is our first) and when induced, has it gone on for days and days? Feeling slightly nervous about it all. I would love to avoid an emergency c-section if possible but recognise that I need to be open-minded and a lot of it will be out of my control.

Thank you in advance for your thoughts xx

8 Replies
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I had a sweep at 37 weeks which was unsuccessful, then was induced at 37+6 which lasted 2 days and then had to have a C-section as he was too comfortable and didn't want to move. I didn't dilate past 4cms. I didn't want a section but it did work out ok, he is now a happy 3 month old. He was also my first and I think just wasn't ready to come as quite often with your first you will go past your due date x

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I just had my first baby in November. I had a sweep done at 39 weeks which was unsuccessful and I was not induced until 41 weeks , it lasted 34 hours for me and I was able to have a natural birth my water broke on its own and all. Everyone’s body is different though and some babies just love their mommies tummies soo much they don’t want to come out. I hope your labor and delivery goes smoothly.

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Hi, exciting! Like Annag, I had a sweep at 39 weeks and didn't work. I was induced at 40 weeks - induction started Monday midday and little one arrived Thursday in the early hours through an emergency c section. I didn't get past 3cm dilated. He was far to comfy! But the c section was fine and the recovery was okay. Wishing you all the best, most inductions in my ward did not last as long at all I was the last one left! X

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Opt for a c section if you get induced and they tell you you need an episiotomy. X

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We had a sweep it didn't work. Was in hospital for a week until they told us we need a emergency c section . She's here now do that's the main thing xx

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With my first baby I had 2 sweeps, first one didn’t work and they did another a week later and my waters broke the following morning. With my 2nd baby I had a sweep and it didn’t work, I went into be induced which I was terrified about. I was lucky as when they examined me I was already 4cm dilated so all they had to do was break my waters and she was born 4 hours later. Have you been examined at all? Do you know if your cervix has started opening? I think that makes induction slightly easier if it has.

My friend was induced with her first. She had to go on the drip and she had a successful natural birth.

Good luck. X

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Unless there's a medical reason to bring on labour early, you can decline any sweeps or induction and wait to go into labour naturally, that's when you're going to be less likely to require intervention, it's obviously always a possibility that you will, but inductions do tend to need more intervention as you're forcing your body to go into labour.I had two inductions because my children were showing slow growth at their scans, I had GD so was being having extra scans to monitor them.

I was fortunate that neither labour ended with interventions and I was lucky to not have any tears and I was on my feet and in the shower a couple hours after with both.

I would definitely recommend looking up about hypnobirthing techniques, it really helped me to advocate for my decisions and go through my second labour feeling much more confident.

I had an epidural for my first as that went on for a while, but number 2 I was able to just use gas and air, and an injection of pethidine right at the end.

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Thank you all so much for your replies! By the sounds of it - I’ve just got to go in with an open mind and expect to be there a while! I’ll let you all know how it goes - keep your fingers crossed for me xxxx

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