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Is this just old blood or the start of my mucus plug coming out?

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I am 36+3 weeks pregnant and have just come out of hospital two days ago from another bleed.this the second one in the space of 23 days the first was darker in colour and only a small amount.the second was very red and like water but they have said nothing is wrong but I had this come out this evening am I losing my mucus plug?

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Hi Chelsea,

Sorry to read you're going through a stressful time. I too had complications towards the end of pregnancy, different to yours but it definitely adds some unwelcomed stress.

My mucous plug was definitely the consistency of your photo, like EWCM and abundant as in it kept coming out over several days but it was never dark like yours. Mine was only ever greeny, yellowy or pink with my show. However, you did say you've experienced a recent bleed so could it be old blood like you suggested plus your mucous plug? If at all stressed about it I'd just ring triage and get checked as your precious cargo is worth as many checks as you feel you need ❤

Congratulations on your pregnancy. To me it looks like old blood.

If your concerned might be worth getting checked out for reassurance


I had exactly this! I had a bleed and then a few days later, exactly what that looked like! I went back into hospital to be checked over and my cervix was closed. They said it’s likely old blood and something to do with my placenta (I had placenta previa). They didn’t think it was my mucus plug and all was absolutely fine - it stopped after a few days xx

I lost more mucus today and it was so much lighter in colour and have been having pains in my back and stomach called midwife and have been advised to go to triage

Hi dear I had this same situation In my 34weekd pregnancy. It's old blood not need to worry. Now my baby is 3 months old

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