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Midwife appointment

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I'm very confused how to appoint with midwife! 3days ago I found out that I'm pregnant. Next day I called to GP , a receptionist gave a midwife number and told me to call there. I called midwife department and I had to leave a message with all my details including my contact no. but all those are computerized, no one physically talked to me. Then now I never got any message or call.I even don't understand that appointment was happened or not. I'm new in UK, lived in Cambridge. I don’t know what should I do. Can you guide me regarding this or help me what to do next? Thank you in advance..

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Hi there, it can take some time from registering your details and then getting that follow up call.

It took them over 2 weeks to contact me even though I was over 8 weeks pregnant when I registered my details. If you are worried and getting to 12 weeks, perhaps contact your GP again or look up the number of your local hospital to talk to someone.

My 12 week scan happened when I was 14 weeks so things can be delayed but once you are seen by your midwife for the first appointment, things fall into place.

All the best

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Thanks a lot to assure me..

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They take about a week to reply :) don’t worry

Just wanted to add to the message above that things are a little delayed because of covid. I self referred to UCLH and they said they would contact me within a week, but it took them almost 3. By the time i was 6 weeks pregnant i called thrm up to check on the status, and within a few days i had my first appt booked, as well as the 12 weeks scan (which will happen at 13 really). I saw the midwife for my appt last week and it was really reassuring, once you are in, it seems tp be smooth sailing. Good luck!

I was messaged this to fill in: wwl.nhs.uk/maternity-self-r...

Hey lovely,

I’m also in Cambridge. Normally takes them about a week to call you and book you in. There are lots of different community midwife teams in cambridge so they will allocate the right one for you based on where you live. Your booking in appointment will be over the phone and then you will get a letter from the hospital after with your 12 week scan date x

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Thank you for replying me.. I was so confused as this is my first time and I know nothing. It help me a lot.

When I found out I was pregnant I rang the doctor and they told me I had to go on my local hospital website to the maternity department and there is a form you fill in. Then when your 9 weeks the midwife will call you to arrange an appointment. Sure enough the first day of my 9th week I got the call! So I would have a look on the hospital website for the form

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That’s not how it works in Cambridge which is where she lives x

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Very useful comment there KiboXX. Perhaps what would have been even better would be if you elaborated for the OP on how things DO actualy work in Cambridge!

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I did already, in the comment directly above this one 😂 maybe read before you write next time 🤷🏼‍♀️

Hi, Congratulations on your pregnancy! ;) when I called my gp they told me I had to self refer to midwife services ,so I would advise to just Google” pregnancy self referral Cambridge”I am from south of UK so could be different system, but I know gps are not interested in pregnancies. I self referred myself when I was 5weeks and they only contacted me back around 11weeks because they mentioned they have a massive backlog. Also, because first 12 weeks is very high risk, they don’t bother to give you any attention, it feels a bit like a natural selection, but I know how worrying this period is.

You are obviously new to England and although we do have the NHS here, it is very oversubscribed, overly in demand and stretched for money/resources. Do not expect private healthcare standards or timescales unless you can pay the private healthcare costs. Waiting a couple of weeks or even longer to hear back from midwife is normal - especially if you are in the early weeks of your pregnancy. As long as you have no pain/worries/abnormal symptoms then you should wait your turn. If any emergencies do arise contact your GP and/or attend your nearest A&E ASAP. The UK NHS is not Bupa.

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