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Third trimester - isolating?

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I've been able to work from home throughout my pregnancy and my husband is now WFH too. I know the guidance used to be to isolate in the third trimester, is this still the case?

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I think that the shielding/isolating advice for the third trimester finished a long time ago . I gave birth in September and it wasn't a recommendation then.I think it is only work places now that need to let you work from home in the third trimester if they cannot mitigate the risk of you catching Covid in the workplace.

While shielding isn’t official guidance, take your own circumstances into account. I have a complex medical history, 40yo, and high risk IVF pregnancy. No one has told me to shield but I am doing it anyway because I would be in real trouble if I got COVID and I can’t risk anything happening to this precious bub xx


I am not completely sure if the guidance has changed but I personally chose to semi shield in my third trimester just because of risks of catching Covid at this time.

To clarify what I mean by semi shield, I don’t meet up with people indoors and have worked from home. I still go to shops periodically but wear my FFP2 mask as I have noticed compliance with mask wearing is not great at the moment.

Some of my friends that I have met with have undertaken LFD tests prior to meeting up outside.

It may be a bit extra but it definitely gives me peace of mind. I would say do what makes you feel comfortable regardless of what the govt guidelines say.

I’m choosing to shield except for my support bubble as the Grandparents look after our toddler whilst I attend my antenatal appointments. We had a late loss in November 2020 and I am not taking any chances with this pregnancy I still feel very anxious over this pregnancy ( 34 weeks now) . I’ve had all the Covid vaccinations as well as flu and whooping cough but still don’t personally feel comfortable with the thought of mixing. It’s whatever you feel most comfortable with there is no wrong or right here. All the best with your pregnancy Xx

Thanks for your responses. My husband has been going food shopping. We've been leaving the house for dog walks and to visit parents. Had a few comments about us being OTT but with an IVF pregnancy think we're naturally over cautious and probably read too much

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Saying it’s OTT is really unfair, especially in later preg. I have been WFH since my last IVF round ie all the way through preg, still disinfect my online-delivered shopping, don’t meet anyone indoors etc. I will do whatever I can to keep us safe. Shame on anyone who accuses someone of protecting themselves and their child of being ‘OTT’. Xx

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Definitely not being OTT, you know your situation better than anyone (and the heart ache) and it’s better to be safe than sorry- you and baby are number one priority. Xx

I don’t blame you one bit hun. I’m being super cautious with my pregnancy we’ve had a tough time with a late loss and 2 early losses before conceiving this baby. Those who really love and care about you will completely understand why you are being so protective over this baby totally understandable 😊 Congratulations on your pregnancy Xx

I've triple vaxed and am semi-sheilding. By that I mean I'm asking friends I meet to do a lateral flow test before they visit me or I visit them. I'm avoiding restaurants, pubs and entertainment venues. But I'm still popping into the supermarket once a week.

If I wasn't vaccinated, then I would be fully isolating (getting home deliveries, not seeing people indoors etc) as the overwhelming majority of pregnant women that end up in hospital with covid are unvaccinated. Being vaccinated, I am comfortable with semi-isolation.

Hope this helps

I’m the same, I’m in my third trimester and all the way through my pregnancy I’ve semi-shielded I.e., worked from home and limited who we see and who we do see always take lateral flow tests before we see them. We’ve avoided crowds and always wear our masks, we’ve even avoided restaurants and generally do what we can to avoid catching Covid. I have just caught it (from the most remote place ever, so ironic) and I was poorly with it so hoping I won’t catch it again before babies are born but as a high risk pregnancy and also an IVF pregnancy, I’m not risking anything!!! Do what you need to do and don’t listen to anyone if they’re saying you’re OTT - you’re not! Xx

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Hope you're feeling better now. Just going to keep doing what I want to feel safe

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