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Got a doppler last night and been trying since then but still cant find a heartbeat as anyony else experience this please ? Starting to get really worried

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Please don't use the doppler on yourself. Midwives go through a lot of training, use them everyday and still have trouble locating the heartbeat sometimes. If you're worried contact your midwives tonight and chat to them and see if they can get you in for a reassurance check, they can put you in the monitor and check you over.

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A Doppler is the ONlY thing that got me through my pregnancy. I’m 43 and suffered so much loss prior to this pregnancy. I really hate when people say things like this. It literally saved me from freaking out every day.

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Im 42 and now sent it back as i was going mad with not finding heartbeat .Went for a scan and everything is fine just going to try and nit worry and enjoy being pregnant .

Gkad yours worked for you x

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I'm sorry you hate it, but it does go against medical advice because often people cannot find the heartbeat or are listening to the wrong thing ie the placenta and it causes unnecessary concern and worry or it can give false reassurance. I'm sorry you had so much anxiety in your pregnancy, I was 39 in my last pregnancy had gestational diabetes and low birth weight baby, so I definitely know what the anxiety of pregnancy can be like, but from watching the midwife try and fail for 15 minutes to get my babies heartbeat with the doppler I know I wouldn't have copied with that at home by myself.

Also just to add, from looking at your other post you're 15 weeks, my midwife didn't use the doppler before 16 weeks because before then it's hard to find. Also you've had some strange discharge, I would definitely call your midwives to get checked over.

Advice from Tommy’s and other organisations is not to use Doppler on yourself, as if you actually need to use it you should be seeking help from the hospital, and you need to be absolutely sure you’re not listening to your own if you find it. You won’t hear a heartbeat early on and even later it can be tricky to find. If you feel you need to listen to it for a specific reason speak to your midwife or local EPU xx

It is not advised that you use a Doppler. They’re hard to find heartbeats plus the placenta pulsates and sounds like a heartbeat. Makes you think everything is okay when it isn’t. Go to your maternity unit today for peace of mind then don’t use the Doppler anymore x

Thank you packed ready to go back . And if for a private scan today x

I'm 26 weeks and the midwife struggled to find my baby's heart beat for 6-7 nerve wracking minutes the other day. After a trip to the loo, we're tried again and the baby had moved and she found it quickly.. however like the others have said, using a Doppler isn't advised so go and get checked by your midwife

my partner brought me one but never used it, you don't know what your picking up and what's what. I would book reassurance scans if you would like to keep checking in on bubs ❤️

I had one and I managed to hear the heartbeat from 10 weeks, I recommend looking at YouTube videos of how to use it. Don’t get worried if you can’t find it, sometimes it was a real struggle for me. About the advice against it, I would say that I stopped using it once I started feeling movement, and only use the movement as indication of things going well.

Thank you all for the advice i have sent the doppler back . Been for a private scan today everything is fine one very active baby . X

Great news, really good to hear that all is ok and so happy you've sent it back!! All the best for the rest of your pregnancy!🤗🥳🤞🏻xxx

Thank you .


Fabulous pic!!😍🤩🤗🥳xxx

Hi! How far along are you? I had one too and it was amazing. I’m older and it saved me so much anxiety. It did take me a days initially to find heartbeat. Start very very low just above your pelvis and move the Doppler extremely slowly upward. Literally right above Pubic hair. I was so surprised how low it had to be to hear! Also try headphones. They are much better to use in the beginning!

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Morning in 15 weeks 4 days . Im also older(42) sent it back now had i friend who is also pregnant at 32 weeks couldn't find a heartbeat . It was making am anxiety worse xxx

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