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Screaming baby when left

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Does anyone have any tips or advise 4 month old baby crys everytime i put her in her chair and she has also started crying and certin people who speak to her, i am struggling to get anything done its so hard and i feel bad if i leave her to try for a few minuites.

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Hiya my daughter has literally just turned 5 months and I would also love some tips as we are going through a similar thing. Will scream if anyone other than me or her dad hold her. Even my mum who she sees 2/3 times a week she has started to cry with.

Thats the same thing with us she will only have me or her dad or my mam everyone else she screams with she wont even sit in her bouncy chair its like she thinks if shes in there and not with us someone is going to take her its awful. Xx

It’s so stressful isn’t it! I left my parents house in tears on the weekend as she had the most awful screaming episode for nearly a hour as my brother picked her up for a cuddle I cried all the way home in the car as I just don’t know what to do. I hope this is just a phase that they will grow out of but it’s so hard isn’t it! X

It really is my partners mam comes every other day and my little girl screams the whole time shes here and i feel guilty on her but even worse on my baby because she doesnt want to pass her back to me as she says she is like she is as she is with me all the time, it makes me feel worse but i'm a parent that if i'm not going anywhere nobody else needs to watch her. Fingers crossed for us both is doesnt last very long. Xx

Yes, let’s keep our fingers crossed that this won’t last long I get upset as everyone is commenting on it we were hoping to have my mum look after her for a few hours as it’s my 40th in a few weeks so we could go for lunch but I don’t see that happening lol. Good luck 🤞🏽 keep me posted xx

My daughter is 18 months now but when she was the same age she was exactly like this. It is really hard, I remember just wanting to keep her home with me as if we went to visit anyone she just screamed the whole time ! I’m afraid in my case the only thing that helped was time. I kept going to as many different places, classes as I could, if she wasn’t happy with someone else I tried to get them to interact with them whilst in my arms ( so they would read a book to her, sing, tickle etc) so she was getting used to them. I found it worked better to keep her in the room with me ( so if I was trying to wash up dishes I would sit her in the kitchen) and this worked better. But sometimes you have to leave them and that’s okay. As the months past she slowly got better, and now she loves the attention of others ( but still will always want me first, as most children do)

Also, please ignore anyone that tells you it’s because you are with them too much, it’s a loads of rubbish! Some babies just want to be with their mummy and daddy’s more and find everything a bit overwhelming, and sitting there watching them cry because they are forced to be with someone else will not make it any better.

It’s not the most helpful advice, but just know you are not alone in this and it will get a lot better!

Download the Wonder Weeks app - it’s so accurate at predicting when these phases will end. Around 17 weeks it says there’s a fussy phase. It honestly passes, hang in there! My little girl was super clingy and then overnight she just wasn’t again almost exactly when the app said she would come out of the fussy phase.

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