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Covid Vaccine Help

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Hi all, just after some advice if anyone has been in the same position. I’m currently 15 weeks pregnant with our IVF baby, before treatment I had the first dose of the vaccine (mid April) and am keen to get the second soon to protect baby and myself before the third trimester. Does anyone know if a long gap between doses basically discounts the first or should I be just as protected as if I’d had it with the 8-12 week gap?


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It’s a bit unknowable as I don’t think an extended gap of 4 months has been looked into, but as I doubt they would let you restart it would be better to just get one than not at all. It’s not a huge amount past the 12 weeks anyway. You could try talking to your GP about whether you might be able to restart ie have 2 jabs going forwards . Xx

Hi Purple, yes I will try the GP see what they have to say. I’ve tried calling the vaccine helpline but as you say it’s all a bit up in the air. I do definitely want atleast the one to give us some protection xx

By giving out this advice you are putting mums and babies at risk. Royal college of midwives and obstetricians are recommending the Covid vaccination to pregnant women. It is safer than getting Covid in the last trimester with the risk of pre term labour and still birth are much more likely and 1 in 10 pregnant women are ending up in intensive care unit and many healthy women are dying after child birth. If you don't want to get a Covid vaccination in pregnancy that is your choice and right but not to give out misinformation.

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Oh sorry. I appreciate you updating me on these stats. I’ll delete my message.

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Thank you. The guidelines changed in July.

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They were only trying to be helpful. It’s an open forum after all…

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If it puts someone else's life at risk I will say it... I wouldn't forgive myself if I didn't.

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