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Nausea!! I just can't switch it off

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So I guess I'm 7 weeks in now and I have nausea from morning until night everyday 24/7. Its relentless and debilitating. I have a little cry every now and then just as a little 'woe is me' moment but that doesn't stop the nausea. I've tried everything to stop it :'-(

Just feeling really fed up. Plus to make things worse I haven't even got anywhere near my 12 week scan. Everything feels like it's taking so long waaaaa!

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I am 17 weeks and am going through this.

My advice is to talk to your doctor about anti sickness tablets.

I have HG and have been in hospital 3 times and wishes I went to the doctors sooner.

There is a morning sickness website as well that is very helpful.

Hang in there its worth it when you get to see your baby at the scan xx

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Aw thanks for the reply. I'll hang on, I hope little embryo is worth the wait and is all ok

I would try rhe tablets from the gp. They worked for me x

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I think I will have to try this. Someone else mentioned gp meds 🤔

Oh I’ve been there too, it’s the worst part of pregnancy for me. Nothing natural works but please don’t feel worried about asking your GP for some anti-sickness medication. There are lots of safe options now.

My sickness was always worse between 7-10 weeks. It goes away at 13-15 weeks gradually and the second trimester is so much easier! Of course it’s different for everyone but generally when the placenta grows enough to take over, you should feel a bit better.

It also helped me to know that nausea and sickness in early pregnancy are good indications of a healthy baby. There’s a lot of research on that so something little to hold onto to!

Resting and also keeping busy/distracted, alongside some medication, should get you through but please go to hospital if at any point you spot signs of dehydration or your body weight drops significantly.

What a lovely and useful reply. Thanks for your advice ❤

So now on week 8 and finally my stomach ache has stopped. Great, not as debilitated unfortunately now it leaves me wondering why don't I have a belly ache and feel nauseous anymore. I still have the feeling like I want to throw up but my appetite is a little better. I know it is early days and of course I'm overthinking but just wondering if I should just be grateful that I don't feel as nauseous or should I be concerned that whatever development was going on, is no longer developing. After how many weeks does the stomach ache normally stop?

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