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How to check my HCG level ?

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Hi ladies

how can I find out my HCG level ?my Gp is useless by the way :(I had 2 miscarriages recently one was a missed miscarriage at 12weeks and one 4 days after my missed period.I am 16dpo today ,my tests were faint but even this morning it was very faint considering that I am 3days late for my period 😞

I added a pic of the tests done every morning .

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Try the epu on Monday and they can take a couple set from bloods from you a couple of days apart to make sure they are rising properly

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Should I go to a &e first or is it a walk in clinic ?because with my first miscarriage I had to go to A & E and they referred me to EPU so I waited for a phone call from the sonographer the next day to tell me when to go for a scan ,not sure how it works .

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You just phone early pregnancy unit well that’s what you do here don’t think a&e will do anything because you arnt bleeding or anything like the other person said too try a different brand with first morning urine to see if it gets any darker maybe x

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Yes you are right because first time I was bleeding when a&e referred me to epu but I didn’t know I can ring them to check my HCG level ,I have a telephone consultation with a gynaecologist later this week so I hope it sticks until then to find out what is wrong and why I am having miscarriages .thank you very much for your advice ,I really appreciate it x

Maybe try a pink dye/early response test? The HCG level required for a positive test is lower than a clear blue. Always use first morning urine. Good luck!

I just went to get one but my local Asda and pharmacy didn’t have any so I bought another clear blue ,the line is still faint similar to the first clear blue I did on 11 dpo but will get one tomorrow morning and try again 🤞

I would always ensure you do your test with your very first wee of the day as that’s when your HCG is highest.After that point it becomes diluted and you’ve less chance of getting a strong positive which is kind of a wasted test really.

There’s no need to go to a&e at this point - that’s unnecessary.

If come Monday you’re still uncertain you should be able to just contact EPU - you don’t need a referral.

I called the epu on Monday and they said you need to call your Gp to be referred here and while you are not bleeding we can not do anything anyway,so unfortunately I ended up having a miscarriage that night and there was no point going to the hospital as I have been through it before 😞

I’ve used Medichecks for postal fingerpick HCG tests. Cost around £39-£49 and once you’ve sent off takes around 2-3 working days for the result to come through.Wishing you well! 🤞

Unfortunately it ended up in a miscarriage but it is good to know for next time ,Thank you very much ,I really appreciate it x

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