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Keratin straighten

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I have myself booked for keratin straighten. Booked before I was pregnant. I am 1 month pregnant. Would it be harmful to baby if I wore safely glasses and a mask? My hair is thick. Always feels better when do. What do you think?

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I googled it and the first result is that it's not safe to have it in pregnancy as the chemical used is absorbed not just by breathing, but also through

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MariaBW in reply to Mcra

OK I will just keep to hair straightners for the time being. It isn't worth risking it.

Sorry I wouldn’t either. But ask the salon as well, they must have some guidelines on when it’s not safe to have it. They would have liability if you told them you are in pregnant and they carried out an inappropriately risky treatment on you. So they will appreciate you letting them know and they should give you some information about it.

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Yeah I will talk the saloon and find out what they think. It's hard because it's a family friend and trying not to tell too many people that I am pregnant at the moment. Anyway will definitely mention something. Thank you.

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Shopper85 in reply to MariaBW

You would have to tell them the truth because its a pregnancy so quite serious just tell them not to tell anyone until you have

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Bigblueskies in reply to MariaBW

Oh it’s complicated telling people so early! I completely understand. If you can just cancel using another excuse it might be simpler for you. Or tell them you have a bit of eczema coming up and you are worried about taking the risk with skin at this time. The excuses we make in the first trimester! 😄

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I have kind of already told a white lie about an allergy 😂. The lady was going to check what chemicals were in it today. Hopefully let me know. By the time my appointment is here I'll be almost 3 months so telling her then is fine. Appointment in June. I just want to give notice to cancel really.

No you wouldn't be able to as they use peroxide & other strong chemicals and a mask will not stop you inhaling the chemicals it gives off. You wouldn't be able to do it after baby is born either if you're breastfeeding

OK that makes sense. Thanks

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