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TTC #1, cycle #1 after clomid.

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Okay, firstly I miscarriaged on 14/01/20. Started getting positives for about 3 days then the line on the test kept on getting lighter after being dark ish, bled for about 2-3 weeks after that. Decided I was going to start ttc. No luck for over a year so I decided to talk to my doc he prescribed clomid, started taking it Feb 27- March 3rd (I went to the ob after my period finished so he instructed I should take it right away, which I did) anyways I think I ovulated on March 12th, started getting some symptoms so I started testing on March 21. The lines say positive but I'm a bit on edge based on what happened last year. It's almost like I can't accept that the test are saying positive. My period is due tomorrow and I have some slight cramps and I'm just thinking I'm about to get my period any minute. Someone look on these test and let me know your thoughts

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Here's the first responses I took so far.

Line progression

These are some cheapies I took. Some how I thought, if it showed in these cheap ones my hcg is higher because these test are not as sensitive as the first response. 😬


Congratulations. To me they look positive. You can tell on the 25the line got darker too.

Hope it all works out well for you!

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Thanks hun

Woman- you are very much pregnant! Please tell us if you 100% are. But it looks it. I know the feeling, your anxious, doubtful. I was the same, I miscarried which by the way is normal 1 in 3 women miscarry they just don’t discuss it more which is wrong because they should. Sometimes we don’t get strong enough eggs and that’s fine. I started trying after three months after I miscarried. When I saw the pregnancy test being poss it was hard to be happy, and I was ill with hyperemises and no one in my family could understand the agonising pain of vomiting 8 times a day. Been in hospital for drips and all but luckily st Thomas hospital has been incredible. I’m carrying a little miracle praise be to god it’ll be due September! It’s hard when you miscarry you can’t exactly be jumping in bean bags when you find out your expecting again. I guess once you have the scan and know it’s a healthy little bean then that was the time for me I could actually feel like I was breathing again! Luckily my husband was very understanding too. Which also helps. Because he was able to be happy along the journey while I wasn’t until my scan. Sending you hugs! X

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Thanks so much for your kind words, af is due today and so far no af has shown...

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Well I am hoping you are 🥰 sending lots of hugs x

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🥰, I'll update my post once everything is confirmed


I had a similar experience and got pregnant after a loss and couldn’t accept it for the first week (I spent a fortune on tests just checking the line was still there and getting darker).

My doctor was amazing and had me do HCG blood tests twice to check on my levels. Everything was fine and I now have a healthy 9m old.

Try and take it one day at a time, book an appointment with your doctor to get things confirmed. I had an early ultrasound to check on things so that could be an option for you too.


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I think I went test crazy this time, I did in total 16 test so far, but today no af has shown yet and I'm due today normally I'd start bleeding already

So ladies! Had my obyn appointment today and look!! 😁😁😁😁 I'm five weeks and 2/3 days

A better view

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