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First scan help!


Hello everyone!

I’m around 11 weeks and still haven’t heard anything from the midwife team, so I’ve just got off the phone to the doctors to ask why. Apparently, a midwife will call me around 12 weeks and I won’t have my first scan until 16 weeks?!?!?! What the hell!!! I’m so confused....has this happened to anyone else? X

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So you’ve not had any contact from a midwife at all? I’d call your maternity unit and find out what’s going on. If you want the screening test done you need your scan by 14weeks so this shouldn’t be happening. Get chasing the hospital xx

No I’ve not heard anything 😂 it’s a worry isn’t’re right, I think I’ll speak directly to the hospital and see what’s going on. From what I can see, I think my doctors have just fobbed me off with false information 🙄

Thank you for replying!! X

They are probably behind, it does happen from time to time- it did with my friend a few years back but pestering moved everything along and she was seen at the right time.

Good luck x

That is unusual! I had my booking in appointment at 10 weeks and my 12 weeks scan bang on 12 weeks (I got the letter through the post after my booking in app). As the previous poster advised if you want the screening for downs, edwards etc you need to have the scan before 14weeks. I would definitely chase up the hospital directly - good luck xx

Mrsnjl in reply to Rainbowbaby92

Yes I’m definitely going to call the hospital now. The doctors said it was due to covid 🤣🤦🏼‍♀️ My thoughts were exactly about the Downs syndrome test and everything else. Thank you for your reply x

Carlym81uk in reply to Mrsnjl

Sorry but I'm sick of covid being used as the excuse for everything!! Utter rubbish! Shocking care to be honest and mine was just as bad. Didn't get much better after baby was born. Now 7 months old and not been seen by health visitor since 4 months and won't be seen again until he's 15 months. It's not right

Mrsnjl in reply to Carlym81uk

That’s shocking isn’t it and definitely not right. I’m fed up already with it and I’m only in the first I really feel for you!

Not seeing a health visitor for that long is pretty standard and has always been the way. Each area is slightly different with checks and my daughter had a review at 10months old. But that’s offered via video chat at the minute. Our weaning talk happened at 8 weeks over the phone. They did offer a visit but I declined because quite honestly I have little time for health visitors at the best of times 🙈

Wow that’s ridiculous I rang at 6w+5 got a app at 7w for bloods then the week after got phone booking in 8w then a letter for scan for 13w. I’ve been seen at 16w midwife, scan at 19w, then 26w with midwife, today had a glucose test & I’ve another app on tue & wed next week. No delay or difference to regular antenatal apps with covid I think they’ve been doing pretty good.

Mrsnjl in reply to gcw104

This is exactly what I was expecting!! Sounds like your midwife team are amazing and on it!!

gcw104 in reply to Mrsnjl

Yeah I think something it going wrong at your dr surgery maybe ring again to complain as if you want the screening you have to have it at 14w at the latest with a scan.

I’d ring your community midwife number or midwife unit lovely! That’s ages to wait and would be classed as a late book in I’m sure?!? So crazy the drs have said that! Especially if you want the Down syndrome screening done as that has to be done before 14 weeks! X

Who did you book through? Was it directly via midwives? I would call the midwifery team directly as GPs don really deal with routine ante natal care, it's all via midwives.

Mrsnjl in reply to roxannacar

I did it through the doctors surgery. When I called back again to query what was going on, they couldn’t even find me a main office number for the midwifery team. I’ve been given a random mobile number of one of the midwives on the I will call on Monday and see what I can find out!! 😅

roxannacar in reply to Mrsnjl

Have a look at your hospitals website under maternity services. Should find it there. Good luck!

This forum is based in the UK so they should be following NHS guidelines.

Or should be booking in appointment between 8 to 10 weeks, then first dating scan and bloods for Downs syndrome and Edwards Patsue between 11 to 14 weeks, midwife at 16, anomaly scan at 20, then midwife regularly till birth.

Our healthcare includes all our maternity appointments so we don't need insurance or to pay anything extra for it.

Highlight your concerns with whoever you end you in touch with snd explain that 16 weeks is too long to wait. 4 weeks later is simply not good enough. Don’t be afraid to stand your ground I know there are other things going on such as covid but proper care for your baby is a must! Hope everything goes well xx

Call the midwife directly and don’t go via your GP. When I first called my GP to let them know that I was pregnant I had to chase them twice and nothing. Then I called the maternity unit directly and had a call back the next day.

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