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Night time nappies and leaking


Hi all. I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations for the most reliable non-leaking nappies to use at night. We use Mamia size 4 in the day for my 6 MO and they’re great, but at night they often leak and we end up with a very unhappy baby and soaked vest, baby grow and sleeping bag. Any suggestions welcome.

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Have you thought about using reusable cloth nappies? I used a Tots Bots Bamboozle with a Motherease Airflow wrap and we didn't have any leaks at all. We had five night nappies and wraps and used them in rotation while the others were washing and drying.

If not you could try sizing up the nappy to a size 5 at night time so it had extra absorbancy.

CatCee in reply to Seb9

I second this! It’s a bomb proof combination with a few booster pads between the nappy and the wrap.

I had this problem with my 5 month old as she sleeps through the night so we sized up the nappy for night and so far no leaking. Also found tesco nappies to be the most reliable for us but I think it really depends on the shape of you baby, we had lots of trial and error with ours as she’s long and skinny xx

Try the 4plus. The plus sizes are more absorbent xx

I had this with my son, we went up a size at night and the leaks stopped x

I use Pampers Nappies more absorbent than Pampers pull ups

I recommend asdas little angels. Had the same issue with the mamia range. So just use the little angels at night time x

Same as a few others on here, we sized up during the night and it seemed to work for us! we used mamia from newborn but recently switched to Morrison’s nutmeg brand and honestly they’ve been amazing, we also use the new pampers acti-fit pull ups for night time sometimes and they work well, we only get them if they’re on offer though as quite expensive!

Nappy pants all the way! My little boy was in them from size 3, never a leak and they seem so comfy, I found nappies just awkward, the tabs moved and just never seemed comfy so I got nappy pants as soon as I could. Tried the little angels brand, which are nice but seem a little more bulky so I always stick to pampers x

I use size 3 (soon 4) for my 4 month old and he was Constantly leaking esp. at night. I think it's a boy thing as my girls never leaked. However one night by mistake I put a size 6 that I use for my 3yo... And low and behold no issues. So we've stuck with those at night.

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