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Boy or girl - nub theory


Hi guys.

We’ve just had a scan and measured at 11 weeks 4 days. The sonographer said it was quite a good picture to assess the nub theory.

I’m thinking maybe boy, but wasn’t sure as it did look like two lines alongside each other.

What do you think?

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Looks like is a boy 💙 hun xx

Thank you x

Baby bundle of blue!!!! Xx

Swampy_time in reply to Emmaxxx

Thanks so much 👍🏽

Id say boy too x

Thanks so much xxx

Congratulations xx

Thank you. We are getting used to the idea now as we had to have IVF and I didn’t expect it to work ☺️

A boy most likely

Swampy_time in reply to Buzzybe

Thank youuuuuu

Our nub theory predictions told us we were having a girl on two speedster scan photos and baby is actually a healthy little boy! 🤣

Keeping you on your toes 🤣 I’d love a girl but my partner will be over the moon if it’s a boy.

Generally before 12 weeks is to early as it can still rise but that is deffo boy nub!

Thank you. We have another scan on the 7th so hopefully that will give us a better idea x

Hey Congratulations firstly and

I think it’s a boy 💙

Thank you

I say a boy 💙

Thank youuuu!

I would say a boy. I had 2 scans done and a girl it is a flat shape with a line and boys have a sticking out part.

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