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Very quick pregnancy - worried

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Good morning ladies. after abit of advice

I had a missed miscarriage that was found at my 13 week scan on 25th September (stopped growing at 5 weeks) - bled for 10 days after taking the tablets, and was advised probably best to wait a few cycles before trying again. 3 weeks after the tablets i took the test they give you and it was negative, and told to wait another 3 weeks for period. Having now waited 4 weeks, i thought i'd take a test and it was positive, well a faint positive, then a 1-2 weeks (since conception) positive from a clearblu test. I'm now booked in for a blood test tomorrow to double check. I'm really really concerned, surely its not anything left over having had a negative test 4 weeks ago? but also stopping myself getting excited as i've had no period in between! this morning i've felt light headed and nauseous, mild cramping has started.....just dont know what to think!

vent over, thanks for listening :)

Emily x

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I fell pregnant very quickly after my missed miscarriage, I think I did have a period in between, but only one and then got pregnant on my next cycle so it's definitely possible to get pregnant very quickly after.I will keep my fingers crossed for you xx

i got pregnant 8 weeks after my first miscarriage with out a period in between. i have 2 beautiful girls. last week found out i had a misscarriage. should of been 12 weeks but baby stopped growing at 5. i wasnt advised to wait a few cycles just try again when ready. Really hope all goes well for you.

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That's really good to know it can work out alright, thanks for sharing, and so sorry you've gone through another miscarriage, sending love xx

I got pregnant around 2 months after our second miscarriage with our son. I wouldn't imagine after 4 week there would be anything left that could give off a positive.Fingers crossed! X

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I hasn't thought of it like that, thats made me.morw positive!

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Fingers crossed! X

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