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10 weeks and fading nausea

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I am 10 weeks and 4 days pregnant. last week I had a really bad week for morning sickness, to the point where I lost weight on the scales. This week, it has been fading daily. I was bad Monday, not so bad yesterday, and even better today, hardly any sickness. Also my boobs have stopped hurting and feeling so tender over the last few days. I do still feel tired a lot and keep oversleeping in the morning, and cant wait to get to bed at night. Also I am feeling a pressure in my pelvic area, and I read that 10 weeks is a time of growth for the uterus, so hoping that is what I can feel. I have had 2 miscarriages this year, so my lack of symptoms are freaking me out just a bit, and I have just under 2 weeks to wait for my 12 week scan (1 December). I am just wondering if anyone else has been through this and had a positive outcome? Or do I have something to be worried about?

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Hey there, yes I started off with terrible nausea and it came and weight until I was past 12 weeks which is when the placenta takes over and you start to feel more normal! I wouldn’t worry at all xx

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Thank you for the reassurance x

My symptoms starting disappearing then and then the sickness would come back in random waves rather than a constant sick feeling. I was really anxious due to being told I couldn't have children, trying for 7 years with my ex husband then 5 years ago having a positive test but on the scan there being no baby and having spotting early on in my current pregnancy. But honestly I would say now being 14wks and 2 days. Don't Google, that caused my anxiety to reach a premium amd aches and pains etc are normal to a certain extent. We are all different and things change at different rates for each woman and if you are really worried speak to your midwife they are there for more than just birth. They are there to advise you and support you. Good luck xx

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Thank you. I lost my other 2 babies at 6 weeks, and the lossed were 4 months apart. I feel sometimes that this one is too good to be true. I'm constantly checking for signs of blood or any other sign. I'm going to invest in a Doppler. I think it might help to put my mind at rest if I can at least hear the heartbeat from time to time

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I know the feeling, going for a wee im always looking for signs or feeling a bit of pain I am worrying but honestly and as harsh as it sounds there really isn't much we can do except take it easy and be kind to ourselves. But it is happening and right now we have growing babies inside of us and that is a happy feeling. We should try and enjoy this feeling as much as possible. I feel quite guilty because I ended up taking my partners initial happiness away because i wouldn't let any of us get happy or excited just in case and I regret that. So please try and take it a day at a time and enjoy not vomiting 😃 xx

All my pregnancy symptoms faded by week 10 which really freaked me out! I am currently 37 + 4 and everything has progressed well. Pregnancy became much easier from then, try not to worry and enjoy the pregnancy without feeling awful!

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Thank you for your reassurance. I'm so nervous with this pregnancy. I hope things continue to go well for you. I think I'm going to get my hands on a doppler. I think it will put my mind at ease

All of my symptoms, apart from fatigue, disappeared at around 10 weeks. Like you, it worried me, but I’m currently 22+5 and all has been progressing just fine 😊

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Thank you. This does reassure me. I have had more nausea again today but it definately feels like it's easing off

I am 10 weeks and my symptoms have lessened this week too! I have felt absolutely awful the last few weeks and this week just tired slight nausea & slight boob tenderness... I think it’s pretty normal to fluctuate. my scan isn’t till 8th Dec so going to stay calm till then hope you can too, not long to wait for you xx🤗

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I hope your scan goes well. Keep me posted. Mine is on 1 December. I can't wait. It can't come soon enough. My nausea has increased a bit today. I think I need to enjoy and appreciate the good days rather than freaking out lol 🙈

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How did your scan go? I hope it went well. How are you feeling? Xx

I’m 12 weeks and had a scan on 11+4 week showing a healthy baby. Up until this point my nausea came and went, starting from 8 weeks. I would have one to two days of absolutely no symptoms and energetic but then the nausea and voms would return. But I do remember my symptoms easing around 10 weeks - the times of feeling no symptoms became more frequent than the times of feeling nauseous. Good luck for your scan!

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