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11 month old baby not sleeping at night


Hey, i have a 11 month old baby who just doesnt sleep at night I literally have to wake up every 30 mins to help him get comfortable again because if i dont he ends up waking up and then being fully being awake and not wanting to go back to sleep.. ive tried everything its not teeth pain and everything else seems fine.. i just end up giving up at the end and letting him sleep on my bed but even then hes tossing and turning and just uncomfortable.. i am so stressed and sleep deprived Any advice would be helpful thank youu

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Have you got a bed time routine in place? Your saying he's uncomfortable? There's might be something bothering him that you have missed due to lack of sleep. Is he full? What his sleep like through the day?

Sorry your going through this i know how hard it is. He could be going through sleep regression. My son has been through them plenty times. You just have to persevere it'll pass x

Hi, do you know Sarah Ockwell-Smith? She answers some times to questions from people about their children in Instagram and someone recently asked something very similar. If you have access to Instagram here is the reply


How do you help him get to sleep again? Is he loosing his dummy?

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