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Nervous to tell my parents I’m pregnant

So I’m 29 years old, in a committed relationship with my fiancé and we’re expecting our first child (due end of feb 2021). We both work full time and have a mortgage. We’re both sensible financially and are in a good place in that sense to have a baby.

We’d always planned for 2020 (prior to COVID-19) to be our year to try and we luckily fell pregnant very quickly after deciding to try once we felt the outlook of the pandemic had improved.

I’m currently ten weeks pregnant and am getting closer to the date of my NHS 12-week scan. The closer I’m getting to the date the more anxious I’m becoming about it though as it’ll be at this point (assuming all goes well at the scan) that we will be sharing our news with our loved ones.

The people I’m most nervous about telling our news to is my parents - they’re both incredibly supportive and loving but they’ve been really negative and paranoid throughout this year about the outlook of COVID-19. I can’t help but feel that when I tell them our news that they’ll be somewhat disappointed in me for getting pregnant during such an uncertain and crazy time - they’re so worried about a second spike and I feel like I’m probably going to be adding to their woes :-(

Has anyone else ever felt similarly nervous about telling people about their pregnancy? And has anyone got any words of advice or reassurance? I might be worrying unnecessarily but I just have a feeling that this news is going to absolutely shock and worry my parents to bits!

Thanks so much in advance for your replies!

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I was worried to tell my parents, but the way I looked at it, we always wanted to try this year, and with Covid, it’s unfortunately looking like it’s going to be around for a while, so we’re currently experiencing the ‘new normal’ so when would be an ideal time to start trying? There’s always going to be something that makes us think is it the right time, if anything, we need happiness like that in our lives now more than ever! I’m sure they’ll be more than happy for you, and I wish you luck with your pregnancy! Hope it goes well, I’m sure you’re worried about nothing with telling them!!!

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Thanks so much Mann13 - that’s a good way of looking at it ☺️ xx

I think that the good news will be just that! Everyone needs something good to focus on and look forward to! Spread the news and the joy!

Congratulations on your pregnancy. I had my 12 week scan around the peak in April and announced to the family. Similarly we have a lot of nervous family members due to their ages but everyone was really happy for us and all said how much it cheered them to hear some good news for once. I'm sure your parents will be really excited for you both. And as for risks, the hospitals and Drs are managing it all really well and you always feel safe. The risks to you as a pregnant woman are no more than if you weren't in terms of getting serious symptoms. Good luck for your 12 week scan and I wish you a happy healthy pregnancy xx

Sounds like the timing of your baby is perfect in every other aspect. Maybe you can calm them by bringing up the benefits - easier to work from home during the pregnancy now and get more physical rest. Blood tests for pregnancy is also beneficial to check up on your general health. But also, I think the shock and joy of becoming grandparent might throw them off the worry train for a bit, lol. I was worried to tell my family, but for other reasons - I felt it was very personal and I didn’t know how they’d react. If their faces would look happy or confused it could have been a disappointment. In the end I bit the bullet and all was fine. First they look kinda surprised and the next day we called again and they’d had time to take it all in and were so excited.

Congratulations on your pregnancy Hidden I am also ten weeks and due at the end of February. My parents are hugely concerned about covid and are taking the most extreme lengths to avoid contact with people and any unnecessary risk. Quite frankly it's the only thing they've been talking about these past few months!

We have been through fertility treatments and were finally given the good news that we were expecting. We told my parents very early on and although covid and me being pregnant has made them worry, I think the overall joy and happiness outweighs whatever is going on in the world. I'd try and look forward to telling your parents, it's a big thing and a happy time. All the best with your 12 week scan x

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Thanks! 😘 congrats to you too! Keep me posted on your journey - February babies, how exciting 👶🏼 xxx


my mum was furious at me but every other member said that it’s great news and there’s ‘never a right time to have a baby’. at the end of the day, it’s your little bubble you are extending, so don’t sit on others thoughts.

hope everything goes well xx

Covid is something we can not control.

Humanity can not stop

Hi everyone, I just wanted to give an update to say that sharing the news with my parents couldn’t have gone better - they are so happy and excited for us 😊 I feel so silly now for being so worried previously! Thanks everyone for your advice and support on this! X

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