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Will my dating scan be booked after my first appointment with my midwife?

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Hello, So I am 9 weeks pregnant. My first appointment with the midwife is over the telephone due to Covid-19. My bloods will be taken when I go for my first scan. Will the midwife book this in after my first appointment?

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Yes mine did. Good luck! X

Yes mine did

Just curious to know I rang my midwife last week when I found out I’m now 3 weeks and she said I will hear back in a couple of weeks how long do I have to wait I’m trying to pay for an early scan now because I’m high risk I don’t think they will do it early though cause of covid

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Hi there, usually once the midwife has done your booking over the phone you'll get an app for your scan between 8-13 weeks (plus so many days I believe)

Private clinics will still take bookings as I've had 2 but just a heads up anything before 6 plus weeks will be too early to see. I've read some women say about waiting over 7 weeks (I guess it all depends on the clinics) I had my 1st scan privately at 6weeks plus 5 & heard a heart beat.

Hope this helps? Good luck with your pregnancy x

Hi, your midwife should forward on your details so your scan will be booked in for you, maybe if you haven't heard anything by week 11 to call up just because I've seen some posts on here where some ladies have said they didnt hear back & when they chased up the scan date the midwife hadn't referred them (sorry not trying to worry you) hope this helps.

Congratulations by the way x

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I’m hoping they don’t forget as they did last time and I lost my baby I’m afraid I’ve lost a lot of faith in the midwifery team in my area.ended up been scanned at 13 weeks worked out that my baby died about a day before my scan.just spoke to a private clinic who advised me to come in at 8 weeks due to covid I’m very nervous and anxious due to previous misscarrige they said 6 weeks I may or may not see a heartbeat and 7 or 8 is best

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Oh my goodness I'm so sorry to hear about your loss 💖 sending you lots of love & positive thoughts.

I hope you are allocated a midwife who restores your faith in them 🙏

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