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Most embarrassing parenting moment!


Hi all!

As we continue in lockdown I thought that it would be funny for everyone to discuss their most embarrassing parenting moment and give us all a much needed laugh to lift our spirits!

My most embarrassing moment happened during my daughter's sports day at primary school where there was a parents sack race event, that I looked forward to completing in and having fun! About half way through the sack race I accidentally grabbed onto the side of my long skirt instead of the sack which proceeded to promptly fall down and fully expose my rather skimpy pair of black lace knickers. Due to the race/heat of the moment it took me around 20 seconds to realise what had happened so I ended up finishing the race with my knickers on show in front of around 100 people - absolutely mortified at the time but I can laugh about it now 😂

Look forward to reading yours!

Sophie xx

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😂😂 god I would have been mortified. I’ll remember this for when I have to go to sports day 🤣.

My LG is only 2 so thankfully not had any really embarrassing moments. One funny moment though was when I was shopping round Aldi and she shouts at the top of her voice “babe what you doing” no idea where she had even got babe from 🤣 x

Haha! That reminds me of something my friend's daughter did. Someone asked "are you alright, Chloe" and she replied "yeah babe, you?". She was 2! 😂

😂 they are hilarious. I just love this age when they are learning new words. Our recent new phrases have been “of course” and “ok sweetie”. Just love it 😍

Oh I love this post!

My most embarrassing mum moment was when my daughter was 3½, we were on the bus going to nursery & being early morning was packed. I told her to sit down next to this lady, within seconds she jumps up & says "I cant sit there, the lady smells" 😱 I was mortified!! The lady was so lovely bless her & asked my daughter what she smelt of to which my daughter replied wet dog, the lady said I'm so glad you told me because I work in a school & I'm glad you told me before someone else did, she then started showing my daughter pics of her pets. I'm so relieved she was so good about it, I just wanted the ground to swallow me up! Now 12years old I always remind my girl of that moment & she gets so embarrassed 🙈

Oh god how funny 🤣

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Brilliant! What a lovely lady!

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She really was & I'm so grateful because I'd hate to think what wouldve happened if it was now she said that 😨

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