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My LG is 14 months and she sleeps perfectly, well she did until the last 4/6weeks. Every time we put her down in bed she’s screaming and crying.

Please can someone help, we leave her and she just gets worse. We comfort her, she’s falls asleep on us, as soon as in her bed she’s screaming again. We do have nights where she does stay asleep in her bed, but also nights where she doesn’t.

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Sounds like a separation crisis. Try to stay with her, while she is falling asleep, otherwise have to wait for it to be over.

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We stay with her till she’s asleep, fast asleep as soon as put in her bed, it’s hell. It’s not every night, probably 3 times a week. She’s been going through a leap aswell, which is the worst leap we have been through x

I've had a few weeks of exactly this with my little one, also 14 months. I think I narrowed it down to his molars shifting around as it looks like one is quite close to coming through.

Apparently the pain is worse when they lay flat (can't find the post I read about it the other day annoyingly . It suggested raising the head of the cot a little too) which is why they settle as soon as you pick them up.

I've found a dose of ibuprofen and cuddles til it kicks in helps.

Good luck, I hope it gets better soon xx

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She’s got her molars through a month ago and had no trouble with them. She’s just coming too the end of leap 9, which has been a bad 1, so I think it could be that.

I’m glad our babies are the same age and they are both the same, I don’t think the heat helps does it x

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