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First trimester

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Hi, I'm new here. I'm 11 weeks pregnant. It'd be great to hear experiences of mums in their first trimester. I've been experiencing extreme nausea and dizziness. I had to stop working as my job is very demanding and I wouldn't be able to carry out my responsibilities. Anyone in a similar situation?

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Hi there, congratulations on your pregnancy, iv just passed my first trimester (14 weeks now) and like you... it’s been a challenge! I went to the gp and they gave me tablets for the sickness which I only take when it’s really bad.. my energy levels are returning to normal, and the sickness is fading out with each week so hang in there. I was pretty miserable in the beginning but it gets better. I will be doing the same as you and stopping work soon just to focus on health and the baby. Good luck with everything it is challenging but it will pass, try rich tea biscuits, crackers and cola.. it helped me with the nausea xx

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Thank you for your reply! Congratulations to you as well! I'm so glad you managed to get through your first trimester and relatively feeling better now. I admire how you could go to work in your first trimester. Honestly, it's amazing! I can hardly get out of bed right now!

I'm 11 weeks now and can't wait for nausea and dizziness to end. It all started in the 6th week and since then.. it's driving me crazy!! I sometimes don't know what to do with myself as I get intense headache followed by extreme sickness feeling, especially at night times. I really want to be able to get back to work and back to my normal life routine, however, it almost feels impossible to do so in this state, when I can just about go around in the house, then go back to bed.

Thank you once again for giving me a hope! :) xxx

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No probs, hang in there, honestly I was exactly the same other then work all I did was stay in bed and have a cry every now and then as it was so bad, try abit of fresh air as that also helped, even if it’s just sitting in the garden when the weather finally gets abit better!

I think the best thing someone told me when I was at my worst was that it’s ok not to be ok and that it is hard for some of us and pregnancy isn’t always like what u see on Instagram.. iv had months when the washing up has piled sky high and the house is a tip but u have to listen to your body and just let all of that be

You are almost there hopefully ul start feeling better in no time and ul be able to enjoy the next part of your pregnancy journey.. I wish u all the best hope it gets better xx

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Thank you for your encouraging words, honestly means a lot around this time. What a wise thing to say, it's ok not to be ok! So true!

Wish you all the best with your pregnancy xxx

Hiya, I'm 7 and a half weeks and feeling NOTHING! It sounds like your experience is really tough, mind is a mental one. We had IVF to get here and I just can't believe it's real. It's making me so anxious. I never thought I'd hear myself saying I want to be ill! I know I'd regret it as soon as I was. Sore boobs would be enough!!

I really hope yours subsides soon!

Congratulations! You must be one of those lucky women if you have no sickness and no pains! So, be grateful for this. Honestly, you wouldn't want to go through this as it is very nasty, it's affecting my mental health too! As long as you don't have any bleeding, you seriously shouldn't worry about it. I hope everything goes smoothly throughout your pregnancy and you start enjoying it! I can't wait to enjoy mine,hopefully in the second trimester! 🙏

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I’m bleeding hope my pregnancy is ok😐

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Have you thought about going to the gp? They will refer you for an early pregnancy scan ASAP to check all ok, hope all is well x

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You need to see your gp. Not every bleeding is a bad sign, but it definitely needs to be checked! Best of luck! x

Congratulations!! Your very lucky u have no symptoms but I understand the anxiousness, my symptoms were so horrific that when they started to subside I thought the worst had happened after trying for a baby for so long..keep positive, I wish I could say the anxiousness goes but for me it hasn’t.. but my friends say when you feel the baby move around week 16+ ul feel a lot more reassured.. ps the sore boobs are a nightmare be careful what you wish for lol all the best xx

I feel exactly the same :)

I count the days for my next scan appointment 🍀🍀

Hello I’m 7 nearly 8 weeks and the doctor signed me off work this week as I was dehydrated from being sick so often. It’s been awful so I really understand where you are coming from.

In a weird way I’m grateful for the sickness as it is reassuring that I am still pregnant but it is so debilitating. I have an early scan next week.

🤞🏼we both start feeling better soon.


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I've been in bed for 5 weeks now, it's been tough! I had three early scans too. Good luck with it! Hope it all goes good.

Hope we feel better very soon! 🙏 xxx

Good morning :)

I felt the same up until about 12 weeks. I could barely even eat anything - you should still eat something! So I stuck to crackers and dry foods. I’m now 14 weeks and all symptoms are gone.

Some days I wish I had symptoms again, because that was my way of knowing I’m still pregnant :)

You will be feeling a lot better soon :) good luck 🍀😊😊

This is encouraging! I'll be 12 weeks next week and hope my symptoms will disappear as well! 🙏 I don't think I'll miss these times though! I read some women may have nausea throughout their pregnancy and it scared me! I honestly found it so difficult to bare these past weeks let alone 9 months!😬 Anyway, trying to be positive now ☺

Hi I'm new here too. Needed some support too as I'm 11 and a half weeks pregnant and have been feeling so icky over the past 5 weeks. I was actually sick for the first time yesterday, even though i've been on the verge of vomitting nearly every day without doing so, which is arguably worse as I'm in a state of limbo. I've had nausea and queasiness all day for the last 5 weeks and have completely gone off most foods and drinks. Can only just about stomach water and dry biscuits. Been in bed most days just waiting for this to all be over 😭😭😭. Feeling really bad as I have a 16 month year old but I also have a 13 year old who is such a help! But we're also moving house at the same time and the new house needs cleaning. My hubby works full time, long hours 😢, so we're cramming alot in the weekends. I'm usually so active and busy but my energy levels are non-existent atm. Probably due to lack of food. I have lost a considerable amount of weight. My mental state is really being tested right about now. Felt like I have no one to understand what I am going through, but finding your post has encouraged and reassured me. Let's press on, it won't be like this forever. Hopefully second trimester everything calms down, I know that it will based on my two other kids, it's just like I'm counting the days down til I'm 12/13 weeks and it seems like it's taking forever. Want to start enjoying the pregnancy. Looking forward to seeing my little miracle in September. We just have to keep reminding ourselves this season won't last forever and it has a specific purpose in their development!

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Thank you for your post. Sorry haven't been able to reply to you as I've been trying to stay away from screens as it makes my nausea worse.

Reading your post made me feel I'm not alone, honestly. I admire you for coping this with kids around you, and trying to move place at the same time! You're doing amazing!

I've had another two tough weeks, with extreme headaches and nausea for 24 hrs. Had to see my gp and have been prescribed different anti sickness tablets. I'm 12 weeks 2 days today and started to feel a bit better compared to the previous weeks. Nausea and headaches seem to peak in the afternoon now and carry on throughout the night. Still not ready to get back to work though!

How are you feeling? I hope you started feeling better and can focus more on kids and excitement of moving. Let me know. You must have your scan coming up too, mine is next week.

Let's be positive and dream about the day we'll meet our little joy in September :)

Really feel for you, and totally understand what you've been going through. Well i'm now 12 weeks and 3 days and i've actually managed to stay out of bed in the daytimes for the past few days. So a small victory! Also, my appetite has come back! Another victory! However I still cant handle normal cereal in the mornings, so its full english breakfasts bar the eggs and bar the pork :-)

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