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Twin pregnancy - low blood flow and slightly low abdominal measurement


Hi, I'm 24 weeks pregnant with twins. At my 20 weeks scan (was actually 21 wks) all was ok. A scan 2 weeks later showed a slightly lower than expected abdominal measurement for twin 2 so they asked me to come back a week later (24 weeks). This scan showed blood flow to twin 2 was within the normal range but on the low side so I've to go back in 3 days so they can keep an eye on it. She said best case scenario is it will have improved and the absolute worst case would they would need to deliver the twins early. I'm obviously extremely worried. Has anyone else experienced this? Is there anything I should be doing to help improve this? Twin 1 is fine at this stage.

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Oh hun, I bet your so worried. I hope everything goes ok. How come they did another scan two weeks later? Xx

It was a routine 4 weekly scan but just the way the dates fell the 20 week scan was late (21 weeks) and the 24 week scan was early (23 weeks).

Just keeping our fingers crossed that everything is ok 🤞

How are your twins doing? Xx

Ah ok, mine was at 20 weeks and the next one I’ll be 28 😩 feels too long. I really have everything goes well for u.

Mine are ok I think, has reduced movement so went in to get checked today and both are fine. Seems the worry never stops xx

It never does! I had reduced movement so got them checked at the weekend and they said all was fine.

All was fine at my 20 week scan it was just the next one when they compared that to the 20 weeks scan they realised twin 2 was slightly lower on the growth chart, hence the blood flow check today. I suppose it’s a good thing they’re keeping a close eye on me, just hope things improve 🤞

I thought with twins you got a scan every 4 weeks, maybe that’s just my hospital.

Wishing you the best of luck for your next scan. I’m sure they’ll be doing great ❤️❤️ xx

Hi, I didn't have a twin pregnancy but at one of my later scans my little boy had a lower abdominal measurement. We then had weekly scans to check blood flow and another growth scan two weeks later when everything turned out to be fine and he must have just been in an awkward position previously.

Hope all goes well at your next scan.

Thank you, and thanks for sharing your story. Always good to hear positive outcomes ❤️

Bless u how exciting to be pregnant with twins do you no there sex or u keeping it a surprise is it your first baby’s bet you and your partner are so excited how very lucky are u when are you due :) lots of people I no from the youth club the helpers are all expecting boys around 5 weeks time only one having a girl she’s been wanting kids for years but never happened for her it’s lovely for her as has 5 nephews as her partners sister has two boys and her brother has 3 boys so she’s fantastic with children :) I’m just waiting on my dbs so I can work in my local nursery school hope everything god ok with the rest of your pregnancy try not to worry I’m sure everything will be ok 💕:) xx Jess x

Thank you ❤️ xx

Not uncommon and it sounds as if your obstetric team are really on the ball. Easy to say, but try not to fret, trust that your team have you and your babies well cared for. 🙂

LittleMermaid1 in reply to Elynn

Thanks so much. Blood flow was checked again today and all seems ok. We are so relieved! We’ve got another growth scan on Monday so hopefully they’re both growing as they should❤️❤️ xx

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