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8 weeks pregnant, after advice


Hi, I was just after a bit of advice. I’m 8 weeks with twins following IVF. I’m getting myself so worried about the different cramps and pains. Struggling not to analyse everything and worrying. I’ve been getting some pain in the right ovary area and pains when my bladder is full and after I’ve emptied it. The clinic have asked me to test for a urine infection which I’ll get done but don’t feel like it is. Just wondered if anyone else has had similar pains? I know there is lots of changes happening, just find it all so worrying. Thanks 🤗

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It’s nice to see a fellow IVFer here! Congratulations on your pregnancy, I really hope you’re managing to enjoy it at least a little.

I am also pregnant with twins following our third round of IVF, now 18 weeks. I was exactly the same as you, it’s so hard not to analyse everything but in the end (after googling constantly) I found I always ended up back at the same advice - unless the pain is unbearable and more severe than period pain, is constant or accompanied by bleeding then it’s likely to be nothing to worry about. I had to give up trying to work out what everything meant as there is just so much stretching and moving around in there it’s just impossible to know.

I know it’s so hard but try and think about your two little beans growing and getting stronger in there. Its very scary especially when we’ve been through what we have to get here but there’s no reason to think this shouldn’t all work out for you.

Wishing you a very happy, healthy pregnancy. I hope you are able to enjoy it

Sarah x

gemmy999 in reply to Franco81

Thank you for your reply Sarah. It’s really helpful. And congratulations to you also. Yep, it’s been such a long road, 5 cycles, it makes it terrifying! Thank you for that advice. It’s very sensible and I will take it on board. I seem to have good days and then other days where I’m so anxious! Hope you are doing well xx

Franco81 in reply to gemmy999

Ah thank you. Yes I’m doing ok now but it’s still a constant decision to not worry!! It doesn’t come naturally but I’m determined to enjoy each moment as much as I can.

Some days I still feel like maybe it was all a dream but I’m getting bigger now and I’m also hoping once I feel them moving that will be reassuring.

You’ll get lots of support too, so take it and keep us posted how it all goes xx

Just wanted to say congratulations....I too have had two babies via ivf. Both singletons - second pregnancy I did have two embryos but only one took. Now a six week old baby boy.

Try not to worry you do have a lot of different aches and pains going on even straight after embryo transfer. Your body is going to start stretching and getting ready for your babies. Its better to get aches and pains as this is a sign of pregnancy - ligament pains. On my first ivf cycle my aches and pains stopped and I had had a silent miscarriage.

you should be getting plenty of regular scans being ivf and you will probably get extra scans with the hospital as you are having twins. I had two extra scans as I was high risk due to my age. This is very reassuring . Best of luck.

Thank you so much for your reply and also congratulations to you.

I think I need to be grateful of the pains and nausea as they all sound like good signs. I hope to have regular checks. We have a midwife app today and second scan at the clinic next week. Hoping all scans will bring reassurance.

Thanks again xx 😚

Congratulations!! Fantastic news!

I had all sorts of pains in the first 6-12 weeks, some quite alarming. I got checked a couple of times and all was ok and think it was ‘just’ everything shifting and expanding. It’s so hard not to worry. Go with your instincts and get checked/call your midwife or IVF clinic for reassurance any time you need it. xx

gemmy999 in reply to Arya10

Thank you for your reply. I hoped to have a scan today but it’s not till next week. Tempted by a private scan but might hold out! Xx


I'm 20 weeks pregnant with twins after a medicated FET. All I can say is that your worries are completely normal. I had similar symptoms: pain in the right ovary area and pain when my bladder is full. Also I had a lot of episodes of spotting and with 3 ectopic and one miscarriage in the past I was always thinking something was wrong.

The pain in the right ovary area has disappeared but sometimes I still have pain when my bladder is "full". Doc also tested my urine and there was no infection.

With the spotting and a major bleeding at 12 weeks it was not easy for me to relax and enjoy the pregnancy during the first months. But luckily my babies are doing fine and growing as they should be, so in the last 1.5 months I've been more relaxed and been enjoying my pregnancy.

There is just so much stretching and moving around in there so try to enjoy it! Best of luck!


gemmy999 in reply to lucyyyyy

Thank you so much for your lovely reply. Congratulations on your pregnancy and glad to hear all is going well. It’s reassuring to hear you’ve had similar pains and babies are fine. I wonder if the bladder thing is cause things get a bit cramped. It’s difficult cause without pains and nausea I’d worry and with then I worry 🤦🏼‍♀️ I look forward to enjoying the pregnancy. Hope the rest of your time goes well xxx

Hey hope u get ur answers if what may be causing this. Do u know if u have a cyst on ur ovary at all. Only ask as I have and it has caused some side pain. I can relate to pain when full bladder too as can be issue for me too. Hopefully it all normal and it all the stretching esp with twins too.

Hope u find out soon and that all ok 🤞🤞 xx

Thank you. I don’t know if I have a cyst but my first scan was fine. So probably not. It has eased a bit now so hopefully it’s just all the changes. Next scan next Tuesday to know more. How are you? Xx

Hope all goes ok for Tuesday. Yeah am good thank you. Xxx

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