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Transfer to cot/crib/Moses basket

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Our 6-week daughter always wakes up when we are transferring her from the nursing cushion or our bed, following a feed. She is usually asleep. Upon transfer to her cot or Moses basket, she becomes distressed - kicking her legs, waving her arms and putting her fingers into her mouth. Then the noise starts... I take her back to the bed and onto a breast - she calms down.

Any helpful tips, please, fellow mums?

12 Replies
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I have no tips but our 6 week daughter is doing the exact same 🙈. I’ve tried waiting longer to put her down after a feed but it seems to be hit or miss 🤷🏼‍♀️x

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It might not be the route you want to go down, but for me giving a dummy worked wonders Up until about 2/3months old, then we co slept because not much else worked

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I used to put a hot water bottle down on my baby's sleepyhead then remove it just before lying him down. Also the sleepyhead itself was a life changer for us, placed inside his bedside crib. I'd really recommend one.

Good luck and hope it gets better.

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I second the sleepyhead. My LO used to sleep on me until a friend gave us a sleepyhead, which saved our lives! We also bought “Ollie the owl”; this was a life saver as well. And one more tip, I used to wrap LO in a cellular blanket before transferring her to the crib (she used to fall sleep on me after being fed); this was helping a lot by keeping her warm enough not to feel the difference (I guess) 🙂

There are several tricks that used to work with my daughter. Firstly try the hot water bottle in the Moses basket as then you aren’t putting your daughter down onto a cold mattress. Even better is to take the mattress out and sit on it whilst you feed as that not only warms the mattress but also means it will smell of you. If you use a blanket then same principle, take that out and keep it near you to transfer the smell.

Other options are a dummy and swaddling. Good luck! Xx

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Get the moses basket warm (maybe a hot water bottle in while you feed) then remove when you put baby in. Also put a t-shirt that smells of you in the basket too. That way it should settle her back down.

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I found having the baby wrapped in a blanket or sleeping bag helped, fed her in it then in to the co-sleeper. It too a while for me to work it out. She refused to sleep anywhere but on me for ages though. Good luck, I can not get her asleep into her cot without it but she’s just turned a year, started at about 9/10 months

Have you tried swaddling?

We didn’t but my husband was better at transferring her than I was. He’s very patient so used to go really slow and steady. You need to try to avoid triggering the Moro reflex where they startle and think they’re falling so support their arms x

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Lizzielizzielizzie in reply to Lizzielizzielizzie

Oh yes and putting into gro snug (arms out) also really helped as she was already warm and snuggly. We only did that at night but now at seven months she goes into her sleeping bag for every nap and it makes transfer much easier.

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Swaddling can help use a thin sheet if it’s hot. Sometimes it’s just the baby regardless of what you try my first wasn’t great at sleeping second was wonderful even now they’re the same at 13&11

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I have an 18 week old who still does this occasionally! The trick with him is to lower him as slow as you can, staying as close to him as you can and never letting his bottom go higher than his head (it seems to wake him and he's refluxy). Stay as close to him as you can until touchdown and then stay there. I breath heavily to let him know I'm still there. After a few seconds or when I know he's not going to thrash I sneak very slowly away and upright. Occasionally there's a whimper when I pop him down, but I found it best to not react until I know for sure we're going into a full on thrash (then I juatvwhip h m back up to calm/feed for two mins til we try again) Occasionally its just a kind of reflex grumble from him and he stays settled

Also sleeping bags/gro bags are brilliant cause there's no transfering them into cold cots cause they're taking their cosy little surrounds from your arms to their bed. Helps no end!! Good luck!! Xxx

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Thank you all for your helpful advice xx

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