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Constant migraine during pregnancy


Hi, I’ve had a bad headache for a few days now which has turned into a migraine. I haven’t taken any medication so far whilst pregnancy and was hoping not to have to, however this is so bad I’m considering taking something.

Does anyone know what is safest to take? I thought paracetamol, but there’s conflicting advice online about that.

I think it’s caused be a mix of sleeping so much and dehydration (and also tension from worry) so I have been drinking more water but so far this hasn’t helped the pain go away. My whole face, head and jaw and eyes are painful and very sensitive to light etc.

I’m 8+4 weeks.

Any advice would be really appreciated!

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I get those headaches in pregnancy too and my dr suggested baby asprin. I would see a dr before doing anything but my understanding is that its safe.

Arya10 in reply to Raz1989

Thank you, good to know re baby aspirin and I’ll ask my GP.

Paracetamol is safe to take but best to speak with your GP about how best to manage the pain if it continues xx

Arya10 in reply to HollieW

Thanks xx

Paracetamol is fine during pregnancy. And keep up your fluids. Hope you feel better soon.

Arya10 in reply to Kempton

Thank you :)

Hi Arya10,

Hope you feel better soon. Similar advice to previous posters: according to the NHS website paracetamol is safe during pregnancy, although they recommend you get advice from your gp first and that you try to take the smaller amount for the shortest period of time possible.

I had the flu during my first trimester and had to take paracetamol for an entire week and as much as could since I was feeling really unwell. I first called 111 for advice and they asked me to call my gp practise and tell them I was calling after their recommendation. A few minutes after I called the surgery, a gp called me to get more info and recommended paracetamol. So if you don't feel well enough to go to the gp perhaps you can try calling 111 first.

Take care.

Arya10 in reply to QT314

Thanks so much for the reply. It’s died down a bit now, I’ve kept water on me at all times and keep drinking it throughout the day, drink a glass before a nap and have been doing some relaxation techniques to help the oxygen flow better.

Oh my word you poor thing, flu is awful at the best of times. Thanks, if it gets worse again I will xx

QT314 in reply to Arya10

Yes, it was a bit scary to have the flu followed by a sinus infection while pregnant but I barely remember now (I'm 20 weeks). I'm sure soon you'll be like: migraine? What migraine? :)

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