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Im late and im never late


Hi i was hoping for some advice. Im 5 days late for my period now and im never late. I took a home test and it came up negative, but ive been feeling nauseous, tired, i have pain in my boobs. I was wondering if it’s worth doing another test in a few days or going to see my doctor. Any advice would be helpful. Thank you.

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I would check in a few days. But it may be that you are overly thinking or stressed this month which can delay the onset of your regular period. Definitely test in a few days and whether negative or positive I would get in touch with your dr at that point, either to advise you are pregnant, or to help with the period no show. Xx

Was it a generic pregnancy test or an early detection one? A generic test may not pick it up this early. I found the Clear Blue early detection test gave an accurate reading when I'd only just missed my period.

5 days late should pick up on any test unless your ovulation day was later than you think that’s why your period can be late aswel. So test again to be sure if negative could be just a missed period or could go see a dr for advice.

With my first pregnancy I didn't get a positive result until 3 weeks after my missed period, even though I had done a lot of pregnancy tests that came back negative. Unfortunately that pregnancy was found to not be right, my main symptom was agonising abdominal pain. I'd wait a few days and test again, if it's negative and still no period, then get medical advice.

Get a first response early testing one they work the best

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