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How to get a baby to sleep through the night at 6 months

My 6 month old is the worst sleeper I have tried letting him cry it out and go in after 10 minutes but he just works himself up in to a state. Decided to try the gradual retreat but he either wants to play or will scream. When he eventually falls asleep he will wake up when I leave the room. During the day he will self soothe himself back to sleep if he wakes up but at night is when he is worse he will wake up every hour sometimes not hungry just can’t get back to sleep. We have bought a night light that’s help a bit. But right now I’ll take anything just to get a full nights sleep.


One tired mummy

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My baby is a year old and is yet to go through the night!! Now your little one is 6 months old, you can try introducing solids. So if your baby has a dinner, bath then bottle/breast before bed, he might stay asleep for longer?

To be honest my son was tricky at that age because it's when teething started, so bear than in mind too. It's good that you have a night light as I do think they can get a little afraid but I think a lot of waking at this age is to do with comfort. That's the case for my little one any way.

You might be one of the lucky ones but I'd say you have a while yet before you can expect little one to go the whole night.


My son used to have a bottle in the night until he was 14months old. I found that when he woke up I was giving him too much attention. I don’t have any suggestions or answers, just my personal experience. But maybe start letting your partner go in, instead of you? It might be that your baby is eager to keep seeing you? X


I think a lot of babies at 6 months still aren't ready to sleep through the night. My little one is 8 months and she wakes a minimum of twice and sometimes every 45 minutes during the night. I don't have any advice just wanted you to know your not alone.


Have you tried Ewan the dream sheep? He’s a soft sheep that plays sounds from the womb

My daughter is nearly 3 1/2 and still insists of it being put on at bedtime.


My daughter is nearly 14 months old and she still doesn’t sleep through...has been getting better last few weeks but she plays on her own in the cot in the night...

My problem was that my mum and partners num wanted her overnight once a week each so that kept getting in the way of her sleeping through cause she was being raised three different ways, she’s now stopped staying out and sleeps through 4/7 nights sometimes less...

she has a slumber buddy though which really helps! They play music and work as a night light with moons and stars! Really soothe her! Maybe try something like that?

Also he may be a little offside, teething, cold is winter and cold daughter didn’t sleep because of her eczema..

He might not be getting what he wants and I get that it’s hard to understand daughter won’t even go down without my reading a book to her and singing her a lullaby,

They’re hard work hun! But we will all get there!

(I hope anyways 😂😂)



My little girl has only recently started sleeping through- she will be 2 in March. Unfortunately nothing worked for her we just persevered and wouldn’t let her get in bed with us. I think some children are just better sleepers than others! Was difficult at the time but she’s now sleeps through till around 7am every day. Stay strong Mumma 💪🏻


No worries here my son didn’t sleep through till age of 3! At 6 months there is just too much to be expected from this little person hun😁but good luck with your training on him.

I think some kids will be sleeping through from early age (don’t believe there are so many such kids though🤣) and some just aren’t. Relax and try to find the best way for you to rest when you can in such scenario, I’ve used to sleep when my baby slept, were sleeping with my baby at times(even in his cot don’t ask me how I’ve fitted in I just did🙈) and tried to survive this time it’s going to be better at times I can promise!


I feel your pain. My boy doesn't sleep through, wakes every 2 hours for a feed, then won't go in his crib so we end up co sleeping. They just aren't designed to be sleeping through & I just remind myself it's not going to be forever x


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