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Post baby weight

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Hi. I've been getting really down and I didn't know where to turn so I thought I'd try this community, which has always been really helpful.

Had my baby almost a year ago now and I didn't get huge during pregnancy, but I definitely widened at the hip and had a bit if belly flab to lose.

I got a massive taste for chocolate once baby arrived, I think due to breastfeeding and being tired all the time.

During the summer when all my favourite fruits and vegs were in season I started to shift the weight a bit, but as the weather got cold and wet, and as my baby's sleep became bad (teething), I went back to the habit of eating more convenience foods.

I just feel so gross and massive. None of my pre baby clothes fit yet, and I live in the same two pairs of jeans and baggy jumpers. I just don't feel like myself at all and my weight is getting me so down.

Does anyone have any tips on what I can do to shift this weight and lose this chocolate habit (that was reignited over Christmas?).

I generally have a good diet, but I am a sucker for something sweet with my cuppa. Also as hubby works away a lot, going to the gym in the evening is out of the question. I do go to a few baby groups and I try and take my baby for a walk each day but I'm just becoming defeated by not seeing any changes.


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I’d like to lose weight too I’ve been dieting since 1998 since then I’ve lost a few stone then gained it back yo-yo Annie. Ive done weight watchers slimming world slimfast etc I don’t eat loads of chocolate and have a pretty good diet just can’t shift the pounds when I was exercising I’d do gym 2-3 times a week & weights and 2 body combat classes or ab toning and did not lose a single pound did it for years. Big sigh 😔 it is hard!

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Kempton in reply to gcw104

Thanks for the response. It's so hard! Guess I'm glad I'm not the only one to feel like this.

So sorry...

Maybe it would be worth to go and check your thyroid function? (Simple blood test) If it does not function properly that could be the reason the weight is still on (slow metabolism)...

Good luck with teething - my boy got his first 8 tertg nearly all together (from 7-11m) and then next set of 8 again together(1y2-1y5m).. was not easy for that period... It will pass though!!! Hugs,x

Thanks for the reply. I don't think I've got thyroid problems - I was extremely slim pre baby so I think it's probably my sweet tooth!

Sorry to hear you’re feeling like this 😢 I can totally identify with this. I was really fit, ex-athlete, training with a PT right up until the end of my pregnancy and only really gained bump. I lost the weight within the first few weeks but have since struggled with 8 months of very little sleep, turned to the sweet stuff and put weight back on! I’ve been back training for a while now and really enjoy it but it’s only once a week (can’t afford any more) so not enough to combat the rest of the week eating crap.

Not sure how much advice I’ve got as I know exactly what to do myself but can’t seem to be able to do it. Would a hot chocolate satisfy your sweet tooth to help break the habit of having something with your tea?

How about doing some online workouts? Joe Wicks, the body coach does some sessions on YouTube or Facebook and there’ll be loads on Instagram too. Would it help to do something like slimming world? My mum has just lost loads of weight on that and is probably the slimmest she’s been since I was born 35 years ago! She enjoys going to the meetings but you can do it all online too.

And I’m here if you need a weight-loss buddy to help motivate you as I’m feeling very much the same! xx

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Kempton in reply to kt_11

Thanks for your comforting words. I could have written your response myself... I used to run 5 miles a day but stopped during ivf to maximise my chances. Now I can get to the gym once a week. I also lost my baby weight quickly thanks to breastfeeding but then all the sleepless nights have led me to quick bites (bread, biscuits, things I can eat in a hurry).

I think slimming world sounds like a good idea. One of my mummy friends mentioned it but I didn't take too much notice. And I'll check out YouTube.

Thanks for making me feel normal. Would defo appreciate a weightloss buddy! :)

Hi kempton.

Not sure how much of a help i can be on this particular post as everyone is different. Im 20 weeks pregnant and thankfully my aversions have been chocolate (yes i know, there must be something wrong with me) and tea/coffee.

I know due to sleep deprivation and convenience and other reasons listed above this wont sound appealing but the only things i can think of are:

*Many walks as possible (in my first trimester when i was off sick i barely did any walks/exercise when previously i did the 5k runs on a saturday morning (parkrun). I was putting on weight until i started walking more. Now im at work i use the health app to track how many steps ive done and this motivates me to go for longer walks.

*not to go shopping on an empty stomach

*not get biscuits and cakes etc when shopping (what junk food you dont have in your kitchen cupboards you will gradually not miss (my hubby was piling on the weight as he has a sweet tooth even though he does martial i have opted for sweet potato/corn on the cob/sugar snap peas or a healthy alternative to help him overcome his sweet tooth.

*cut down on tea/coffee - i know this will be hard but when i was drinking hot drinks i found i needed a biscuit to dip into my tea and so was eating alot of them in a day as one would never be enough. Now i give my chocolate away (when hubby isnt looking) lol. For hubby i have some dark chocolate in the fridge for when he craves chocolate...even then it comes in small pieces so you dont feel bad for consuming it.

*have as much fruit as possible that is easy to peel or eat on the go ie banana satsuma grapes etc. I find melon is more filling.

Nothing new above but if you start small..sorry if it hasnt helped.

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Kempton in reply to Masha111

Good advice. I think it's just going to have to be a lot of self discipline, starting with fewer tea breaks... though it's the first thing I do when baby goes down for a nap. I say baby, but he's almost 1. That's what gets me down really, how could I let it get this bad after almost a whole year! Oh well, I guess I can start now. Thanks.

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Masha111 in reply to Kempton

My sis in law is the same im sure there are lots of people who find it hard to lose weight esp when children come along. Have small achieveable goals and you will be able to do it. Have some faith in yourself. Best of luck xx

I’m on baby number 3 and there’s no doubt it’s tough to get back in shape (ex-national league hockey). I’ve got back down to pre-baby weight twice (current baby only 9 weeks), but with a very different shape. What I found:

- smaller portion sizes at dinner

- more vegan/ vegetarian meals, whenever I can get them past my husband

- for me fruit never quite managed my sweet craving on its own, but a tiny piece of chocolate might. Perhaps 1 celebration and an apple

-also frozen peas - I love frozen peas straight out of the freezer ( though perhaps not so great with tea)

- always have low fat pudding alternatives: frozen yogurt, yogurts in the fridge/ freezer so you dont resort to a bar of chocolate on your own

- walk or run. There are lots of prams and strollers you can run with (try second hand on eBay) or stick baby into a sling on your back and hit the footpaths - you’ll feel better if you can get out. There are lots of fitness groups up and down the country you can do with prams too

- YouTube fitness at home. There are lots of hiit sessions you can do in 15 min with no equipment

- you will always carry a bit of extra weight while you’re feeding- your body needs it. Don’t fight it

- don’t beat yourself up if you miss sessions, eat a tub of Ben and jerry’s - it’s tough. Your body has been through huge amounts and looking after a baby is exhausting

Good luck xx

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Kempton in reply to Milliemilham

I think portion size is defo an issue for me. So ill work on that. I'm vegetarian anyway so you'd think it would have made a difference but I guess it's gotta be the chocolates and snacks. My hubby also has a terrible sweet tooth and even when I don't buy junk, he brings it into the house... so naughty!

I'm gonna take a look in YouTube because I just need to feel better about myself. Thanks for the advice!

My daughter is lactose intolerant, I’ve not had dairy in a few months as I’m breastfeeding. I’m a stone lighter than I was before I got pregnant ( not trying to make you feel worse) could cutting out dairy help? It’s just a suggestion as it seems to have helped me. It’s easier to do that I had first thought. We’re also eating a lot of vegetarian home made meals, loads of great recipes on BBC’s good food. I also have a serious sweet tooth and am getting through sweets and more sugary drinks than is probably sensible.

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Kempton in reply to Kata89

I'm already vegetarian and I use almond milk rather than cows. I'll defo check out bbc good food. Thanks!

I struggled to get out to the gym so joined an online fitness club, so I can do online workouts and they have a Facebook accountability group so you can report back on what your goals are weekly and longer term. I find it helps to have the accountability. There’s also nutrition advice on there.

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Thanks! Sounds great. I need something I can do in the house as hubby works away a lot so I have to be at home a lot.

I ended up gaining quiet a bit of weight when work was very manic and it was just easier to grab convenience food / take away / restaurant food. It makes SUCH a difference in the waist line vs cooking yourself!

If you like a choki (small high quality one) with your cuppa, then keep that - but make the effort to cook the rest of your meals. A slow cooker transformed my life! Most meals take 10min to chop and pop in and then it just cooks away all day or over night and it’s very frugal too. It’s very easy to make low cal but filling soups and stews and get you veg sneaked in while still tasting comforting. That way you save up some cals for your occasional (!) treats.

It also helped me to document all my calories for a few days to realise how much I was getting over actually - it’s very easy to fool oneself actually unfortunately 😳

Drinks are another easy place to save - switch to water and drink lots of it and you would already save lots of calories

Another big one was sleep - with a young baby that’s of course a tricky one - but rest and relaxation is very important for weight loss as stress / cortisol makes you hold on to the pounds.

Last point for me was to try and break the habit of “I feel low thus I need a food treat” - with other forms of treats that didn’t involve eating, yet made me feel pampered or looked after or good about myself. You can beat think of what does the trick for you - but I liked going to the leisure centre and having a steam bath/ sauna, or a nice long walk in nature, or a yoga/ gym class - I made the point to saying to myself that I am treating myself to me-time and that I deserve this to feel good and not rush anywhere or be there for anyone but me...

And finally - don’t beat yourself up too much - you are lovely and beautiful also in a slightly rounder version... after all - you birthed and nurtured a new human and that it’s a mammoth task! All will be well in good time xx

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Kempton in reply to EvaK82

Thanks for your message. I do have a slow cooker somewhere, think it's time I dusted it off. Great solution to the snacking!

I think I do reward myself after a long hard day with food so you are definitely right, I need to find ways to reward myself differently.

Thanks for the idea and encouraging words. Tonight baby has been a terror (teething??) So I'd normally reach for the chocolate but I'll just stick with my tea!

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EvaK82 in reply to Kempton

I definitely found the evenings most difficult in terms of temptations and giving in to them (as you are more tired) - so going to be earlier helped me (but that might not be possible with the little one?). Also It’s takes a little while to break a habit - but you can do it. I guess - easiest with another habit (maybe a long evening soak - when hubby gets in or baby has gone down?)

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Kempton in reply to EvaK82

Hubby works away :( so I'm usually alone once baby asleep. I guess it contributes to eating crap!

There’s no magic way too lose weight, it simply comes down to eating better and moving more, which we all know but it’s SO hard to put that it to practice in real life especially when you’ve got so much going on, the weather is cold and you’re tired. I have used both slimming world and weight watchers no count plan (which is basically a slightly simpler version of slimming world) and had success with both. I think there are online versions of both so you don’t even need to find the time to attend meetings.

The key to any diet/weight loss plan is preparation. If you have a fridge and freezer full of ready prepared healthy meals and snacks you’ll be far less tempted to reach for the chocolate. Healthy flapjacks, protein pancakes and energy balls are all great alternatives to chocolate and sugary treats and they are slow release energy so you will feel full from them and won’t get that sugar crash afterwards which leads to craving more. They’re also all super easy to make so ask your partner/mum/friends to make a big batch for you so you have some readily available at all times.

The other thing I would recommend is to treat yourself to a couple of really nice flattering outfits in the size you are now. Once you’ve found a weight loss plans that works for you you won’t be wearing them for very long but it really sounds like you need a bit of a boost to your self esteem. Something like a long line slightly fitted tunic top might work. Don’t buy anything that clings but something that compliments your figure (even if it’s not the figure you’re used to at the moment) is far better than hiding under baggy jumpers. Also don’t get rid of them when you don’t fit them any more, keep at least one outfit to remind yourself in the future how far you’ve come and how proud of yourself you should be. Good luck! X

Thanks for the advice. Meal prep is definitely the way forward. I made an extra veggie shepherd's pie for the freezer today! I think I do need to treat myself to some nice new clothes!

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