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Tooth extraction, pain relief

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I'm 30 weeks pregnant, and had a tooth removed yesterday and I'm still in alot of pain, I've tried applying ice to the area, rinsing with salt water and taken paracetamol and nothing seems to be taking the pain away. Is there anything else I can do or take?

I'm ringing doctors tomorrow to ask but need to d do something now so that I can get some sleep

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Clove oil

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It does actually say on my bottle of clove oil not to use whilst pregnant (as it does on most medicines and natural remedies due to ethics of testing them on pregnant women) but tbh I did buy it and use it when I was pregnant before I realised this. It did really help with the pain!

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Aye I've never tried it when pregnant but I'd think it would be ok as your only adding a small amount to the tooth, maybe spit it out after or rinse with water.

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