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Trapped wind... help!


Been a while since I posted on here whining about my sickness! (For those who are interested, it finally died down around 22 weeks..)

I'm currently 28+4 and this past week trapped wind is becoming a problem! I'm in agony with it! Before today I've been using techniques like rocking back and forth, being on all 4s or leaning over the sofa tends to help.. but I'd rather not be getting it in the first place. It sends me spiralling into a hot sweaty shaky mess!

Tonights been worse though. I've been tossing and turning for HOURS anyway and not been able to sleep one bit. Then the pain hit again... so again I did what I needed to do and got the most of it out up or down whichever way was best! But it wasn't shifting and then I've just vomitted what felt like everything I've eaten all week.. which, has shifted the trapped wind but I don't want to be going through that ordeal all the time.

To make matters worse, my boyfriend is working away ATM so I had noone to cry and complain to!

I guess what I'm asking is how can I prevent the trapped wind in the first place?! It doesn't really come on after eating. Tonight was probably a good 5 hours after my last meal. Or what meds are safe to take in pregnancy that'll help rid it?

Also I'm a hormonal mess that thinks if I can't cope with a bit of trapped wind how am I going to manage in labour!?!

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I was on nausea meds for my whole pregnancy so moan away, it sucks! Rennie do a heartburn and trapped wind combined tablet that might be worth you trying, check the packet but given you can have heartburn tablets in pregnancy they might be ok to try. Hang on in there, you will get through labour and once baby is here all those pregnancy crappy symptoms will disappear (it’s great!)

oh i'll have a look thank you! i'm basically attached to gaviscon at the hip atm so they could be worth looking at.

i know, i can't wait for her to be here mainly so i can stop feeling so crappy all the time! x

Peppermint oil/tea but check it’s ok for pregnancy. I had it after my c section and it worked wonders x

thanks :) x

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