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Can I arrange appointment for midwife without referral from docs?

Hi, so I'm from Scotland and recently found out I'm pregnant, I've booked an appointment with the nurse and doctor but not sure if over here, I need it confirmed with them first before I see a midwife, anyone know? I've had a miscarriage before and I'm anxiously awaiting appointment.

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You could always ring and speak to the GP receptionist. In my area in the south of England we can self refer online to the midwife and don’t need to see the GP at all. Congratulations xx

I had to fill out a form at the reception of my gp surgery and the midwife contacted me. I didn't need to see the gp at all. I'm in south west England xx

I’m from south east Kent, I went too the doctors and he told me to fill out a referral form for the midwife, which they then fax over to them. There was no need for me too see the doctor,I could of just asked for 1 at the reception congratulations x


I am in Edinburgh. When I called to let the gp know I was pregnant, they immediately gave me the number for the midwives in order to arrange my booking in appointment and 12 week scan.

I had had my pregnancy confirmed by blood test already though. Xx

Hi, yes I'm from Perthshire and just booked an appointment with the midwife. Didn't see doctor or nurse at all. I was surprised they didnt want to confirm the pregnancy first!

Near Newcastle at our dr surgery you go to a early pregnancy meeting they do a talk what u should/shouldn’t be eating drinking smoking vitamins etc u get a bounty folder and give them your number and last period date the the midwife rings you with an appointment from 8w onwards for booking in. But I’ve bypassed the meeting twice now as I’ve mc twice and just rang the midwife for an app.

Glasgow / South lanarkshire here. You can call midwife and book in straight away. No need to confirm with doctor they take your word for it. If you've had a miscarriage before you can phone epas and ask for a re-assurance scan at about 8 weeks and they don't argue with you. Think all scottish hospitals should be similar

I'm in Angus -was able to contact the midwives myself & got number from the GP receptionist. Had IVF viability scan (an early scan at 7 wks) as luck would have it on the same day as my booking appt so was able to let my midwife see the pic and give her the due date! Currently 15 wks.


I got my midwifes number and have appointments set for January. Thankyou again for all your help.

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Excellent. Hope it all goes well x

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