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5 days away from my dating scan and had major panic attack this morning - need some advice please!

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good Morning everyone,

apologies for coming back with yet another worried post, but i would like some guidance from people who might have experienced this etc as i am at my wits end with overthinking.

i am currently in my 13th week (13+1 to be exact) and this morning our dogs had gotten loose as our neighbor had left our back gate open and they had gotten lost. they are basically my children already and had been loose without our knowledge for a good 10 minutes, and with large hills right attached to my house with large rivers flowing, a main road not even a 3 minute walk away and with it being pitch black i was terrified something bad had happened to them! My husband and i spent 45 minutes looking for them, running around like weirdos until we finally tracked them down and brought them home safely.

because of this ordeal i had a massive panic attack, i had been running around the entire time and was completely fatigued. i am also now feeling pains in my abdomen (nothing to bad - ive been struggling really badly with constipation so it might be gas?). no bleeding. i am going for my dating scan this Friday as the midwife had seen me quite late and ultimately booked me in quite late. can anyone advise please? the pain is in the middle of my tummy slightly to the left.

do i have cause of concern or am i being paranoid?

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I feel like this on a daily basis as I have a stressful job. Limited fluids so get the odd twinges. I just keep getting told as long as long as no bleeding and no other signs and the twinges / pain comes and goes and is bearable then all is ok. I am so stressed with work so I tend to sit and do not alot when I'm home to rest x

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Your probably fine just try to chill it’ll prob just be because you’ve been hyper all day. Good luck for your scan xx

I was in similar situation few weeks back when I was 20 weeks and 2 days pregnant... My dog got lost I was experienced same tummy pain... It was due stress, doctor advice me to have plenty of rest and drink a lot of liquid.

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