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Symptoms gone after a fight with hubby



I’m 7 and a half weeks pregnant and for 10 days I had really beautiful symptoms of pregnancy , morning sickness all day, very sore tender breast much bigger, bloated and headache plus a lot of nausea and fatigue.

After 2 abortions and one miscarriage and 39 years old ...actually one month before my 40th birthday , I was really so beyond the moon to feel like that.

Then I had a fight with my husband, nothing physical but a lot of yelling and while I was standing arguing with him, I felt a violent sudden nausea, in my throat and a violent dizziness and almost fainted.

An hour later my pregnancy symptoms had GONE. Disappeared. It’s a horrific feeling. My breasts are sadly deflated completely not even sore or very very lightly (I could barely touch them before without pain!), no more bloating no more headache and a slight nausea , but I still feel very dizzy and overall I’m not feeling well.

I haven’t had any bleeding nor discharge alhmdl but I guess it’s just a matter of time ?

There was a little transparent film with my urine though and that’s about it.

It is horrible and I cannot stop crying. Both my husband and I feel terribly guilty ... I don’t know what to do .

I haven’t had a dr appointment yet only a very positive pregnancy test when I was one week late and then all the obvious pregnancy symptoms.

I don’t feel pregnant anymore and I also had a fever and overheated after the argument .

I’m sure my baby’s just gone.

Help please with any advice or a similar experience ?

I guess what will be will be anyways ... I feel devastated.

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I’m sure your just fine. If it’s a natural pregnancy (not ivf) and your not bleeding I think that you may be over analysing things.

An argument would not cause you to miscarry.

Miscarriages this early are caused by an abnormality with the embryo, I know first hand because I had two embryos that did this in my last pregnancy. I miscarried two weeks ago. There are sometimes other factors at play which can cause problems but at 7 weeks the embryo would have implanted well into the uterine lining.

If you do have symptoms of a miscarriage, cramping, spotting etc then get yourself down to the EPU at your local hospital.


LilYjulY in reply to AJJ123

I’m very sorry for your loss 😔

And thank you for your answer.

It was a natural ... even miraculous pregnancy.

I just don’t understand this very sudden stop of any symptoms . I just feel something is wrong.

I hope to see a dr asap next week isa, I ll keep you updated.

There isn’t any spotting nor bleeding for now lhmdl but I just think it’s a matter of time because something definitely went wrong very suddenly.

Thank you for your answer and all the best to you in these rather difficult times.


AJJ123 in reply to LilYjulY

Thank you. Good luck hopefully it’s just symptoms coming and going. Xx


Don't be silly! The baby won't even know what's going on, it will be all comfy in its sac..... I've had plenty of arguments and been worried after and my scans so far have been fine. If you're feeling that worried book a scan though xxxxxx

LilYjulY in reply to Hidden

🙂 hi Lianna. Thank you ! The dizzy feel and faint while arguing were real though , and then the symptoms suddenly disappear...

Maybe it’s not directly related to the fight but I feel something is wrong definitely.

Something has changed and i just wasn’t feeling right all night and now all day.

Hopefully the symptoms will just come back and my baby’s fine , it’s just that right now I don’t see that happening and don’t understand what’s going on.

But thank you for the energy I really appreciate it 😉

I hope I ll be back with good news isa


Hidden in reply to LilYjulY

My symptoms have eased off from like 8 weeks, and maybe your blood pressure probably went down or something being stressed, your probably being more conscious of all your symptoms, I poke and prod my boobs so many times a day checking if they still hurt lol. I hope everything is ok for you though!!!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

LilYjulY in reply to Hidden


Thank you .

I don’t know 😔

I’m so scared I didn’t even make an appointment... I was feeling overall better today after 2 days in bed (exhaustion and dizziness).

I should see a dr within the next few days .

I do the same thing with my boobs hahaha 😂🤣

My symptoms disappeared at 10 weeks and I felt the same worry but all was well and my little boy is absolutely perfect. I’m sure everything is fine. Good luck

LilYjulY in reply to CLCP

Thank you 🙂🙏😉😊

I’m not sure I can help much but I am in a similar boat. No argument in my situation and I really doubt that would be a factor in your situation either so please don’t blame yourself even if things do not turn out well as at this stage the most likely cause of miscarriage would be some kind of abnormality you have no control over. For me I had awful sickness and incredibly sore boobs which faded off very quickly around a week ago. I then started to get some pretty unbearable cramps on one side and there was a fear of eptopic so I was sent to the hospital for a scan. Although found not to be eptopic, the feral pole is measuring much smaller than it should at this stage and they couldn’t detect a heartbeat on either normal or transvaginal scan which they should be able to at this stage (7 weeks). They also checked my hcg levels which were about 66,000 which is ok but doesn’t tell us anything without any idea of progression so they have me booked back in for a blood test today to see if they have increased and I have a scan Wednesday. I don’t think it is looking hopeful and I am fearing the worst. It took us quite a while to get pregnant so the idea of starting over is really saddening and draining. Still keeping fingers crossed but I won’t knoe more until Wednesday and I can report back then. I am sorry this might not cause you much help or comfort but I will post again when I have an outcome and if you take nothing else from this try to take that your argument had nothing to do with anything. These things just happen. I think at 7 weeks it’s about a 10% chance and there’s nothing you can do in most cases. I do know if people whose symptoms came and went so hopefully this is the case with you. Best of luck x

Hi Frankie 🙂

Thank you for taking the time to answer me despite everything you are going through ! 😔

I am really really sorry for your ordeal and I ll keep my fingers crossed for you and keep you in my prayers .

Thank you for the reminder as it’s trye I blamed myself a lot for the argument, that being said we promised ourselves to try our best and not argue no matter what. I’m ashamed to argue in a moment that should be celebrated and ...’carried’ in peace and mutual understanding ...

I felt sick for two days and stayed in bed. Today is a little better. I have strong nausea but a different one ... I still feel not really pregnant and I also had mild cramps on one side ...

We will see.

I really hope for the best outcome for you. Keep your head up 😉😊

My pregnancy symptoms completely vanished at 7 weeks too. I posted on here panicking about it and all was fine, i’m now almost 30 weeks pregnant and me and my hubby have had some horrendous arguments due to my hormones and tiredness during the last 30 weeks so try not to worry! Xxx

LilYjulY in reply to Sarahlou01


Thank you so much Sarah ! 🙂

Well I’m so glad everything went on fine with your pregnancy 😊😊😊 I wish you the best last weeks and an easy delivery! Isa .

I don’t want anymore arguments !!! This wait is hard but I guess it’s just part of the game 😉

Thank you so much 🙏

Just to update I had my blood test results and unfortunately it is bad news for me as my hcg dropped significantly from Saturday today when it should have doubled. It’s a very sad day for me but I did promise I’d update. I hope for you that it will not be the same outcome. Continued nausea is a positive sign as mine pretty much vanished. If you are getting pains on one side you should mention this to a doctor as eptopic is very dangerous so very much hope that is not the case xx

😔 Frankie I’m so sorry for the sad news . I hope you will get through all of this and’s not over til it’s over .! I ll keep you on my mind.

I am sorry for the late reply ... I just kept myself away from the internet and just had rest.

I am so scared I did not even book an appointment with my dr.

I started spotting but truly very lightly and that might not be a very good sign either ?

I’m just postponing as much as I can I guess and trying to believe that everything is ok it just not ready to confront any bad news yet.

Good luck to you !

You seem like a truly generous and great soul and I wish you luck .


Hi LilyJuly,

These early weeks are scary for everyone... If you’re unsure feel free to call the hospital maternity unit. They can hopefully reassure you and as your pregnancy advances they should be happy for you to drop in for fetal heartbeat checks etc if you’re worried, which can be reassuring. Pregnancy is a bit of a marathon so do try to be kind to yourself first of all and hubby if you can manage it. It would be great to go your whole pregnancy without arguing with your spouse but it’s probably an unrealistic aim! My hubby and I never usually argue but had our fair few set tos in first trimester... It’s a tricky time :) sounds like you are being a very good very cautious mama to be... Give yourself a big hug and pat on the back and try and take it easy. Best of luck with everything xx

LilYjulY in reply to Rach2022

🙂🙂🙂🙂❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹👌🙏 THANK YOU for the love and sweet sweet message Rach (Rachel? 🙂 just a guess !)

Haha you’re probably right about the unrealistic aims !

I wish the best to you throughout your pregnancy . Thank you again for the support and sweet words ! That is a very unexpected nice part of this adventure : friends ! Going through the same thing , people from all over the world being so giving and understanding .

It’s beautiful , thank you 🙂🍀🙏

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