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Early scan 2 babies one heartbeat


Hi, due to the previous pregnancy ending up in miscarriage we have booked privite early scan. I should be 6w5d today, however the scan show that I am only 5w6d and she found two babies in a sac, however only one heartbeat. Has anyone been through something like that and know if:

Is it possible that the other heartbeat develops? If it doesn’t develop would this impact the 1st baby with heartbeat ? Even if I know for 100% when I ovulated (been charting bbt and OPK tests) is this happens that the baby develops slower and catch up later?

We are really worried, we thought having early scan will gives us peace on mind but it looks like it added additional worries. We just so desperately want to have at least one healthy baby.

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I don’t have any advice but I have heard that having a scan at 6 weeks can still be a little early for heartbeats. I had IVF and the earliest they do a scan at my hospital to check everything is 8 weeks so there is no confusion. Is it possible to contact your local early pregnancy unit to see if they will scan you in a week or so?

Fingers crossed everything is fine and it’s just a little early xx

5/6 weeks is still early to see a heartbeat. The heart would of only just started beating (on average)Two babies don’t necessarily develop at the same rate so it’s entirely possible that the one baby is just a little bit behind the other. But it is of course also possible for things to go the other way unfortunately. If you’re not having any pains/bleeding then I wouldn’t worry too much until you know for definite.

As far as the one baby not having a heartbeat impacting the other I’m not sure 100% but my friend recently had this happen to her. She lost the one baby around 7 weeks and is now 17 weeks pregnant with a healthy baby girl so didn’t impact her healthy baby.

As far as measuring behind I really wouldn’t worry it’s very common and it’s extremely difficult to get an accurate measurement this early on. In my first pregnancy I went for a scan at late 9 weeks only to measure just barely 6 weeks. By the time I went back at 12 weeks-ish I was measuring a week ahead. I now have a healthy (and rather loud 17 month old)

This current pregnancy I’ve been consistently measuring a week and one day behind of when I’m sure I should of ovulated but despite that I’m currently 18 weeks pregnant with a healthy little girl. And in fact she was measuring a week ahead at 16 weeks although that seems to of evened out again now.

Baby’s all develop at different rates and the measurements are just based on averages but it’s normal for a baby to measure a little bigger or smaller.

Also the way babies tend to grow especially early on is through growth spurts so completely usual for a delay. You can find that baby will measure behind one day and measure ahead a few days later.

Also even if you know when you ovulated it can take up to a week for the baby to implant so that could be the reason you’re a bit behind too.

Hopefully this helps a bit. Xx

Thank you for your response, we are really trying not to worry have another scan in 10 days hoping we will know more for sure then. As much as we didn’t plan twins and it is overwhelming and scary not we want both babies to be ok. Fingers cross xxx

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It might been a little early fingers crossed for you xx

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