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How early can pregnancy be detected in blood?


Hi. Pls I was really down in health last week and I did a blood test that was positive to pregnancy. That was on 27/8/2018. And my period is due for 8/9/2018. Am I really pregnant or is the test false? How soon can pregnancy be detected in blood?

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Congratulations your pregnant blood test can’t be wrong x

From what I have been reading, It is still in the stage of implantation, so how can it be detected?

Sisi14 in reply to Ebarim1

It’s hcg levels hun x

I guess congratulations to me

Yes Hun xx


It does sound a bit early for a positive result if you have a 28day cycle and have regular cycles as ovulation would have been around day 14 (25th August). What level was your HCG? I would probably repeat on the day that your period is due.

My cycle is 25days

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Why was the hcg level? Ie the number?

I didn't Get the number

I just got a result saying positive to pregnancy

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Probably best to chat with your doctor.

You can get a positive hpt from the day if your missed period so at about two weeks pregnant so a blood test at 2 to 3 weeks should be accurate

I have a 25 day cycle that would be my ovulation day, is that possible to get a reading that early? Do you ovulate before day 12?

Don't forgot ladies your last period might not have been a period of could have been implantation. Also you can still have your periods while pregnant.

You are highly unlikely to get a false positive on a blood test

I just did a strip test now and it came out negative

Kate91 in reply to Ebarim1

Depends on what test you need an early detection on as every year have different levels of hcg it needs. My advice get an early detection one and test with first morning urine

I will just have to wait for my period in three days. The waiting is exhausting though!!!!

I just did another blood test now and it came out negative. I don't know what happened the first time.

It is a relief to really know. But I feel very disappointed thanks. Thanks guy for being there for me.

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