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Another work related post

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Hey guys,

So I’ve been off from work due to pregnancy sciatica also knows as piriformis for 4 weeks.

As I work in retail there’s no such thing as chairs or sitting down for long periods of time and my doctor signed me off with a “maybe fit for work if workplace conditions are adapted”

I spoke to my management and they’ve said it’s probably best I keep going to the doctor when my sick note runs out.

As I’m on statuary sick pay I know that it will effect my maternity so I was wondering if work can’t adapt anything for me then should I be suspended on full pay till I get better or should I suffer a loss due to them not being able to accommodate me?

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Hi I feel your pain but thanks god I didn’t start with it till 28 weeks so could go in maternity. If they can’t find a different job with the same pay and hours they have to suspend you on normal pay unless it’s 4 weeks before your legal time to starts maternity then they can force you to take pregnancy related illness and pay sick pack till your maternity starts at 29 weeks. If you’ve got any holidays left take them . Also when your on my maternity your still entitled to your holidays that can be taken after maternity x

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