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Hey :)

As mentioned on previous post about what’s to come with ptsd and ocd while pregnant and that’s the support can’t be there til September. I really want the support now. I have nurse from Perinatal mental health services but she’s so naff and once again psyched self up today and 10mins before meant to be over she cancelled. I missed a call from psychologist so she will try again Monday which Shame as wanted to know what happening now :-/ doing the best I can with my newborn, she hasn’t a clue I’m struggling as I keep focused for her but hate that sometimes my ocd creeps in so I can’t fully be present with her and she deserves my 100% attention. Even now I’m laying in dark and she’s content in crib but my ptsd symptoms feels someone in room with me who is bad. I wish I could share this with professionals but none seem to be around right now. I don’t want them to think badly of me either

Any support anyone can give be really appreciated x

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Hi starlight have you got any family members you stay with whilst you are struggling so you can get some rest . I am so sorry you’re going through this , keep ringing the office and tell them it’s an emergency xx

Hey. Could you book an appointment with a health visitor to do a home visit. They are normally really good at giving additional support to those who need it. Or you could go and visit them at the drop in clinic. Although they are not psychologists sometimes it’s nice to have someone to talk to and get positive reinforcement from x

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