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4 month old eating 4 oz.


When he was one month he was still hungry after 4 ozs. His grandmother said i should give him more being he was still hungry after 4 oz at 1 month old. He showed signs of hunger bu fist on month, still crying, trying to suck my fingers. So he started drinking 6 oz of formula, he was fine woth that and started sleeping through the night. But i did not like feeding him that much at that age. His grandmother and his father encouraged me to feed him until he is satisfied. I talked to a nutritionist about tgis they said he is earing way too much andbto cut at least down to 4 oz. And that he may want to eat more tgrough out the day . But that was another thing, when he was eating 6 ozs he still wanted to eat every 2 or 3 hours. When he should have been eating 4 ozs 2 to 4 hours. So at 3 months i cut feeding down to 4 ozs every 2 -3 hours even though he STILL cries a little after ,i just stick to my guns. But he does not sleep throughout the night since. He honestly still eats every 2 hours mostly. Of course sometimes he may sleep a long time and eat 3 hours or 4 hours later or he may be preoccupied not noticing he hasnt eaten. Because he was eating 6 ozs at so young, he was getting chunky. Thats another reason why i cut his milk. He eventually stops crying for more milk after 4 ozs but he cries for more everytime. I was convinced if he is hungry then feed him but 6 ozs at 1 month is way too much i didnt want my baby boy thinking food is the answer to everything ya know. Im a first time mom by the way. 26 years old. I started feeding him cereal out the spoon righ before he turned 4 months he actually knew what the heck to do....? Now he eats 2 ozs of jar vegie everyday he will eat more if i give to him. He likes to eat. FINALLY my question..... he he not sleeping throughout night because he needs more formula? I 2ant hom to sleep throughoutthe night. I get up for work 4 am so i hate waking up 3 times a bight to feed him. I tried cereal on a bottle at night, not working. I gove him his jar vegie in evening still not working. Should i feed him more of anything? Formula, cereal, jar food? He only gets about 4 tbls cereal aday and 4 oz jar food a day because i used to feed him too much milk at 1 month so im scared to overfeed. I think he just likes to eat. People say hes big. Hes not real real fat, he is long and a little chunky. He was born 8 pounds 4 oz. His dad was a big baby. His dad and i like to eat, maybe he is just taking up after us? Should i feed him more? Turned 4 months june 12th 2018. SORRY THIS IS SOOOO LONG.

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Im sorry he only gets 2 ozs of jar food a day not 4. Maybe i could give him a whole 4 oz jar a day idk... does abybody have a 4 month old baby and feed more?

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I have a 5 month old I personally like to feed more if she wants it I breastfeed and sometimes she gets fussy that she wants more so instead of more milk I do more food throughout the day she eats mashed foods like beans bananas she even eats cookies like Ritz or nilla wafers you should try different food consistency and sometimes shes not hungry she just wants to be cradled to sleep after she eats mashed foods I my daughter is currently weighing in at 14 pounds she will be 6 months on the 30th of June and started foods at 3 1/2 months I feed whole jar sometimes and its also good to add cereal with jar foods I recommend doing it with The fruit jars my baby really enjoys it like that it also gets her full faster I hope I gave u something useful u can use good luck never give up

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Also I breastfeed on demand but sometimes after shes done eating shes still hungry and biting my nips so that's my cue to offer foods or else I get chewed on lol feed your baby until he is satisfied stop only when your baby is throwing up spitting up those are signs of being overfed


My baby girl is 4 months on the 21st June 2018 and she’s currently having around 30oz of formula in 24 hours and no food. Depending on when she wakes she has five 6oz bottles

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Im really not sure how many oz's he gets in 24 hours i will count for now on and google the amout for his age.

Forget google, feed on demand. He will only take what he want. Growth spurts require more milk so there will be times when he wants more, then other times when he doesn't finish a bottle. Don't stress about what he's taking- if you were breast feeding you wouldn't have a clue how many oz he was getting so just relax.

As for sleeping through the night, there's no fix for that- they either do or they don't xx

Yes he definitely takes the whole 4 oz each feeding never leaving any behind, rarely. Too bad he doesnt like to sleep throughout night.

Thank you!!

My little boy has been on 6oz since her was around 3/4 weeks old (I panicked it was too much but the midwife said it would make him sick if he didn't actually need it), he is still on the same centile as he was and growing nicely (he is now 9 weeks) . The midwife told me if he wants it give him it......

If you think he needs it give him it, not all babies stick to the 'guidelines'.

You're his mummy and you'll know him better than anyone else 😊

My little girl was 3 months old when she decided milk wasn’t satisfying her even after I changed her milk to hungry baby food ! So I tried her on baby rice in morning with her bottle and she would have porridge on her 6pm feed and milk then just milk at 10pm 4oz and she would sleep through the night ! The whole food age has changed now from 3months to 6 months because of all the obesity stuff but if my baby was hungry I would feed them not anything they shouldn’t but what they required! You know your own baby. Try 5oz I’m day and a 6oz at night or a rusk in the evening xx

Our boy is 12 weeks on Sunday and he's now on 7oz. He's been on 6oz from about 8 weeks old. He was 8lb 13oz when he was born 2 weeks prem. I was a big baby and his dad is quite tall and was also a bigger baby.

If he's crying for milk hun then give it him. It won't make him fat. Our boy is 1 stone in weight at 3 months old. He's not fat, he's not covered in rolls, he's just perfect and in proportion.


Just to add, there’s a 4 month sleep regression that might explain the waking. babysleepsite.com/baby-slee...

All very normal to be waking in the night at this age. X

My baby boy is going to be 5 months this 25th. .still no food..i breastfeed every 30 minutes. Here my doctor recommend food only after 6 months.

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That's the same advice everywhere regardless of breast or formula. At least 6 months old and meeting all the milestones needed, able to sit unassisted, pinch grip, no tongue thrust reflex, as well as have an interest in feeding themselves.

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And luckily our government provide 6 months maternity leave.😞🙉

Try to give him extra hungry milk. My boy was like that when he was 5 months old always wanting more till I got fed up and weaned him then u tried extra hungry milk. Works for some. Didn't work on my boy at first but then when he got used to it I managed to fully wean him twice a day when he was 6 months

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