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Feeling emotional

Don’t know why all sudden feel low and emotional. Feeling to cry for no reason or I don’t know what is bothering me. Got 16 days old baby we got good bound Hubby is really supportive. Still feel like something missing like need to have people around bit of fun. Somewhere tired of being home but due religion reason shouldn’t go out and about 40 days it’s getting hard for me. Is anyone else experienced something similar.

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You may have post natal depression. Please contact your GP or health visitor for advice. Pnd can get worse if not treated straight away.

Re going out - no religion in the world stops you from going out for 40 days! Maybe on some cultures ok, but it's not worth feeling down. . Get out if u need to! X


Do you have any friends from your NCT classes ? Xxxx


Are you allowed to families house to visit or is that not allowed in your faith until 40 days has passed ?

If you can’t go out i do think your emotional side will suffer and you could end up with PD as your hormones are up and down your feel lonely bored and like your going insane! X


They are allowed now I am having visitor last 2 days feeling much better. Becz being use in big family around move out not having someone around after having baby can be hard for sometimes.

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It can be lonely and overwhelming time being a mum so to be alone after your used to a big family with no support is daunting! I’m glad you have had visitors and hopefully you will have more. Xx


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