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Best way to store breast milk

I'm having my second baby in July.i tried to breast feed with my first but we just couldn't get it right together. I want to express this time if breast feeding doesn't work for us. But am unsure on what's the best way to store the milk and so on. I've been looking in to breast milk bags but they seem to expensive.. any help or advice would be much appreciated

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Really breast milk bags are the best way as They are sterilized. You can get them decently on eBay and things like that. And as you pump right into them it's less fuss and mess and you don't lose any. The tomme tippee system is rather good as they have a kind of bottlw1 that the bags attached into so you don't have to transfer it. Breast milk lasts three months in freezer inthink but just double check.

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Thanks for you advice.. I'll have a look on eBay.. I just thought a pack of 20 would only last a few days and if the bags are not resuable then its going to work to be expensive 😁


Tomme tippee pump and store ones


or you can get other brands cheap, just make sure they are sterilised



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