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18 weeks and not felt baby for 24 hours should I be worried?

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So I started feeeling baby quite a bit from Thursday last week and have been feeling him every day particularly a night and when sat quietly. I haven’t felt him now since yesterday morning and am unsure if i should be concerned as I am only 18 weeks and i know some people don’’t even feel their movements yet. I wondered if anyone else experienced this and if it was normal?


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Try not to worry. Babies don't settle into a routine of regular movement until about week 28 - that's when you're encouraged to track kicks and so on.

Have a cold glass of water and try lying on your left side for a bit. That might get baby moving. But I wouldn't worry as you're 18 weeks and many women don't even feel anything until much later on.

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Thank you x

As kemptom says above regarding a cold glass of water or orange juice usually gets the baby moving.

If your experiencing pains etc or your still worried contact your epu even if it means putting your mind at ease.

All the best x

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Thank you x

I first felt our boy at 18+4. When ibwaa 24 weeks I hadn't felt him move for 2 days so called MAU. They told me to go over so they could have a listen through a Doppler. Soon as they put it on he kicked! He didn't move the rest of the Night but the day after he didn't stop!

I was told then they don't usually get into a routine until 28 weeks, even though I thought at 24 weeks he was. I'm now 31 weeks n I had barely felt him move yesterday when he never keeps still usually. So I had some lucozade because I had no fresh orange in, had something to eat n lay on my left side. Shortly after he was a fidget arse again 😁! I'm sure baby will be fine hun but if you are concerned then call MAU for a check xx

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Thank you. I rang MAU and they said it was completely normal which has made me feel better. X

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Glad all is ok and it’s helped you relax now xx

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