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What can this be?

I had sex (unprotected) on the 3rd December then I started spotting from the 17th December up until the 26th December, 27th started getting heavier till the 29th then spotting again till the 31st December. For a few weeks now I’ve been feeling really really tired 24:7 bjt struggling to sleep, pulling feelings in my stomach, peeing a lot and sore/ sensitive nipples. I’ve taken some tests but all came back negative!

What could this be? It’s really starting

To bug me as I just want to feel myself again.

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Maybe see your gp, and/or sexual health clinic, doesn't sound like pregnancy, also if 3rd Dec. Was the only sexual encounter a test would show up positive by now


See GP. When was your last cervical screen? Sometimes women can just have an unusual month. You may be feeling the effects of being low in iron if you’ve had a heavy or long bleed.


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