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Breastfeeding help!


Hi everyone. So I'm a new mum, of my two little twins. They are now 4 weeks old.

Through all my pregnancy I had my mind set on breastfeeding. When they were born, started breastfeeding straight away, but on third day I got a little stressed and couldnt managed to breastfeed them anymore, 1st because it was hurting so much, and then mentally there is something stoping me from doing it. I do sometimes breastfeed them at evening before bedtime. But I feel like I failed them, and not doing what I am suposed to.

Has anyone been through the same ?

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Breastfeeding can be difficult especially with two!! It's not meant to hurt tho, possibly bit uncomfortable at first but if it's hurting a lot it likely the latch isn't good.

I struggled with my first as she was tongue tied... my second was an immediate success ... first ended up with sores on my nipples second no issues ever (she's now 12 weeks).

The guilt can be incredible but don't be hard on yourself, the important thing is that your babies are getting the nutrition they need!! If you are only feeding once a night are you sure you are still getting enough milk, as the supply does dry up if you're not feeding/expressing regularly especially at the start.

If you do want to try breastfeed for longer why not get in touch with the hospital/health visitor and then might be able to see if you're latching babies properly.

Hi. They both have the tongue tie lol but midwifes at hospital all checked and they were eating fine.

They are both growing well and healthy, I think that I my milk suply not that much as they will stay on for about 10/15 min.

I know that they are well.. just feel bad for things not going as I planned.

Don't have too many people that I can talk about this, glad I found this site.


I had a lot of plans with first one ... I mixed fed for first couple of months although eventually managed to fully breastfed I ended up co sleeping which I was sooo worried about but she would not sleep in any other way! I always had plans etc but with children you learn to be flexible ... with my second I'm a lot more chilled and have abandoned most of the guilt feelings etc. It does get easier from that point of view... it's hard with one I can imagine two is double trouble so try let go of the self blame as you'll have enough on your plate without adding more to it.

You never fail your babies if you manage to feed them.

If it is mentally affecting you - the breastdeeding, and you dislike doing it for any reason- don't do it. Babies need their mummy to be happy 😊

My boy never fed longer than 15mins (now hes nearly 7m and feeds in 5nins) first few weeks were a bit uncertain how it's done, but then it took off and sometimes I hardly feel if he's latched or not.

So, dear, all is up to you- either try a bit longer or stop it now - but never be hard in yourself!


Yes breastfeeding was very painful both times for me, and think latch was fine, so I used nipple shields and they were brilliant. If it's still hurting I recommend them, once your nipples have recovered you can use them less often as they get used to it, and then you can stop using them. I would have given up without them but ended up breastfeeding for over a year each time. Hope this helps if you want to breastfeed more.

My friend has just had twins and breastfed her first baby. They are having to combination feed. Don't feel hard on yourself. I know that's easy to say and I know how distraught I was when I thought I would have to give up first time. I only had one! Maybe you can speak to your health visitor for advice? I know mine offered to put me in touch with a breastfeeding consultant but thankfully we got the hang on it before. I am sure they could really help!

Congratulations on your twins! Have you tried going to a breastfeeding group. They do them at some hospitals or locally and they are really useful. I went to one at my local hospital when my baby was a few days old as I was ready to give up. I just found it mentally exhausting and harder than I thought. It was ran by lovely midwives and they gave me positive reinforcement and helpful advice. It gave me the confidence to carry on breastfeeding. Good luck x

My wee boy is 10 weeks now and I felt 4 weeks was when things really settled down, before that I felt I was failing at everything! So it may partly be hormones making you overthink things and feel you're not doing things 'right'. You have absolutely nothing to feel bad about. I found the first 3 weeks REALLY difficult and part of that was the stress of breastfeeding (with a crying baby who wanted to feed constantly! Literally 40 mins on and 10 minutes off most of the time) and I think it's important to do what you have to do to get through that patch at the start. And if that means not exclusively breastfeeding, then so be it. You've kept 2 babies well fed so you're obviously doing well! I also think in a few weeks when your babies are smiling and giggling away like mad, the breastfeeding thing just won't seem as important as it does now. As I say, just do what keeps you sane because that'll give you more energy for all the playing, nursery rhymes & baby classes etc and that's the important stuff you'll actually want to remember!

Hi! Please get some help. If they are latched on deep enough then it won’t hurt. You’re doing an amazing job. Look for the le Leche, nct or breastfeeding network groups and call the national breastfeeding helpline.

There are also loads of Facebook bf groups. :)

Also if they both have tongue ties then that could be causing the pain. Health visitors are rarely trained in how to assess a tongue tie properly. You need to see an ibclc who can help you properly! Babies can struggle to feed efficiently with a tt x

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