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Advice needed

Hi all.

I’m 21 weeks pregnant and this is my first pregnancy.

The past couple of days my baby has been moving a lot more which is lovely to feel but I’m also getting some extreme pain in my left side. Really high up from the hip moving further up. It literally takes my breath away and suspect it’s not normal.

As I have a low lying placenta most of my stretching/movement/ growth has been low down and just wondering if anyone else had experienced it. I’m trying not to worry as it may be normal. The pain woke me from my sleep this morning

Please help.

Thanks, Sue

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Sorry i have no idea. Can you go to your local maternity unit to reassure you? X


Thank you. Had other things happen so will speak to the maternity unit tomorrow.

Thanks for replying x


I’d speak to your midwife or antenatal unit. I am also 21 weeks, I have a left anterior placenta but I often get pains. When I mentioned it to my Midwife at my 16 week appointment she asked me a load of questions and decided it was ligament and growing pains. I have sharp pains sometimes and other times just aches. They can occur low down or high up. They don’t last long though. I suspect some of it is also the baby kicking me in places and I find it feels worse if I need the loo! If it’s waking you up or lasts for more than a few seconds at a time it could be bad ligament pain, PGP or something else that needs treatment so definitely worth talking to a medical professional about it. X


Thank you. I haven’t felt baby much since yesterday so going to be speaking with the hospital tomorrow.

Thank you for sharing your experience.

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