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4 week pregnant mild abdomen pain..

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an someone advice me please? I am 4 week pregnant and I feel very mild abdomen pain is that normal? This is my first pregnancy and I am quite nervous with everything..


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Cramps, aches and pains are quite common during pregnancy. As long as there is no bleeding it should be alright. If they do get worse, you can always ring your gp/midwife/nhs111.

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ok Thanks...

You'll be fine, it's all normal. Try and relax :-)

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Ya okie thanks ..

Hi Luv2017. Probably just down to your womb starting to increase in size. This often happens. Hope all continues to go well for you. Diane

I had period like pains all through the first trimester and some mild bleeding on and off too (which of course freaked me out!) thankfully I have a healthy 6 month old baby here now! Pregnancy is actuallt quite painful all round with all the aches and pains and stretching pains etc. If the pain feels particularly bad and you have bleeding with it - go and see the doc immediately, otherwise try and relax and think happy thoughts!

Okay , thanks for that

Very common and be prepared for it to get worse. I had the ultimate pain as intestine slows down and had severe colic. Unknown to me I asked for Buscopan as I was unable to cope with it. I hace had severe periods and can deal with pain too.

Have tons of fibre and your womb contracting is a good sign of a healthy uterus. It will go away in a few weeks.

Thanks for that.

I am 6 weeks pregnant and have been having period like pains and can become very uncomfortable. As long as your not bleeding you should be fine but you could always speak to your midwife to put your mind at ease. Congrats x

Thanks , are you planning for 7th week scan??

I wasn't no because im booked for my 12 week scan on the 6th of feb x

Awww ok,I am planning to do 7 th week scan.. Are you in Uk , I am in Scotland and again the first scan is on 12 th week . Did you go to GP on 7 th week ? Did they take blood test ?? I am glad you are near my weeks , thanks for the reply ..

I live in kendal so not to far from you!. Ive been to my gp and im having my blood taken on the 3rd of jan x

Ok thanks . What was the blood test ??did they said any count ?? My sister who is pregnant from India asking to go for blood test , she says they will say some count level from blood test which I am not aware of .. so did you told you anything ?

I havent had the blood test yet

Oh sorry it’s just jan 3rd you mentioned, I read as Dec 3rd ,ok thanks for that , have a healthy pregnancy...stay in touch please

Thanks you too x

Hello im think abdomenpain It's to normal to all pregnancy woman like me im 8weeks pregnant and sometimes i feel abdomen pains goodLuck goodday

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Ya thanks for that , I get period like pain too which is mild, hope it’s normal

Yes hunny very common

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