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Any advice on foods to eat with severe vomiting


Hello everyone,

Hope your all well.

Just looking for a little advice on any foods people can recommend that I could eat when suffering with severe vomiting. I’m 13 weeks pregnant today.

I’m able to keep fluids down most of the time which is good. Food however is a different story, I’ve tried crackers, plain food such as baked potatoes/cheese sandwich, soup, pasta etc - I seem to vomit everything up!

I’ve got my partner buying me some rich tea biscuits and digestive biscuits when he’s out today just to try. I know they say ginger biscuits but I don’t like ginger 😞

My concern is I’ve lost a stone now, 5lbs of this was before being signed off work, I’ve now been signed off 3 weeks and have lost a further 9lbs.

I have a very active job (social care worker in an residential home) so I’m on my feet all day and work 12.5 hour shifts. I return to work tomorrow and I’m just paranoid that I’ll loose weight quicker when back at work since I’ll be burning so many more calories. I’m desperately trying to find something that I’ll be able to eat and keep down.

I find jelly to be ok (probably because it becomes a liquid while eating it so doesn’t need to digest) should I just live off this?

Any advice welcome. Thanks so much xx

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Have you tried talking to your gp to try some anti sickness meds? In general I found I had to eat small and often to avoid getting sick ... aka grazed all day and it was mostly carbs and bland stuff and crisps 😅

Amanda86 in reply to roxannacar

Thanks for the reply, I was prescribed Cyclizine which hasn’t helped at all. I’m planning on going back Tuesday to see if there is something else I can try.

I’ve tried eating small meals so like maybe I’ll make half a sandwhich and just have a few bites but I’ll still be sick, had some mashed potato the other night and was sick. It’s so annoying, more so because I’m so hungry!!! When did yours pass? Xxx

roxannacar in reply to Amanda86

First time about 15 weeks second pregnancy about 12 weeks so here's to hoping your will soon be over! 🤞

Amanda86 in reply to roxannacar

Thanks very much. Praying it’ll pass soon then 🤞 xxx

Ginger biscuits can help too xx

Amanda86 in reply to Sunnysam91

Thanks Sam. I really don’t like ginger that’s why I’ve not tried them 🙁 xxx

Sunnysam91 in reply to Amanda86

Ooh errrmmm... tricky then! the cheap ones in the supermarket are usually the weakest in the taste of ginger if that helps, good luck with your journey xx

Amanda86 in reply to Sunnysam91

Thank you 😘 xxx

I sympathise..I asked the same question on here as I was being sick somedays 15 times.

Boiled eggs helped me out so much,they were a lifesaver.Toast and peanut butter,bananas,salt and vinegar crisps and crackers with cheese and Branson pickle.

My Dr gave me Avomine anti sickness tablets and they helped me out so much.

Hope you start to feel better soon!

Amanda86 in reply to FoxyRoxy11

Thank you. I’ll ask about these tablets and I’m willing to give anything a try xxx

FoxyRoxy11 in reply to Amanda86

Good luck..they really did make a world of difference to me xx

During my first trimester I lived off of toast. I could handle a veggie burger sometimes, but it was mainly the blandest carbs foods that I could digest. All plans of healthy eating went out the window. being able to keep down a slice of pizza a felt like a miracle. My diet was basically chips, pizza, veggie burger, and toast like I said. I lost weight but working made the trimester go faster. Good luck with everything xx

Amanda86 in reply to 3DFred

Thank you. I took time off work mainly because I had no energy to do the job, plus hiding my sickness was impossible and I didn’t want colleagues to know. I’m back today but now able to tell colleagues I’m pregnant which is good, so hopefully I’ll now get some extra support when I need it 🤞 xxx

3DFred in reply to Amanda86

I used to work in a care home before I got pregnant. My first trimester was so bad I just knew I wouldn’t have coped in care. Don’t push yourself too much, rest when you can.


So sorry to hear you’re vomiting, you sound exactly how I was. I’m now nearly 18 weeks and luckily the sickness has seemed to pass. I also lost a lot of weight and couldn’t keep anything down no matter how bland or what time it was. Even the tablets from the GP only worked for a few days then it was back to being sick. What I did find helped me was eating really small portions and I mean tiny and drinking lots of water.

I hope your sickness passes soon xxx

Oh sorry to hear you’ve had it so bad too, it’s awful isn’t it? I will try the tiny portions. I’m also drinking lots of water so will continue doing that.


It really is. I had my 16 week check up and had put a bit weight back on so hopefully same will happen for you. I know this sounds disgusting but I would be half way through a meal and vomit (not deliberately) and then go back and finish the rest of my food that was also another way I kept food down. Also ice lollies are a god send xxx

I’m the same, I’m sick then I continue eating. Not nice at all but needs must lol. Xxx

Also, don’t let yourself get too hungry. I know, you can’t eat, but then if you don’t eat, you feel like you can’t’s a vicious cycle!

I think I link my nausea with the baby having growth spurts/surge in hormones because it keeps coming back. I’m not 29 weeks and every so often, you can see me running to the bathroom still. 😒

I am 12 weeks sick as anything. baby l8kes small pots of fridge cold custard and rice pudding. I find the nausea ice lollies help with that. I also like jelly and sometimes can handle a cheese sandwich but that is it.

I find sleep helps too but only on my right side never on my back makes it worse. I hope this stops soon for both of us. fingers crossed

Amanda86 in reply to amanda7171

Thank you, hope yours eases up soon too 🤞🤞 xxx


Our daughter in law had hyperemesis gravidarum during all 4 of her pregnancies and ended up in hospital several times, not trying to scare you but you really do need to push your GP into monitoring you carefully and taking it seriously.

If I were you I'd get them to sign you off work for longer, she wasn't working and could rest more but she still lost weight and ended up in hospital. She had tablets from her GP but they didn't work that well, she survived on carbs little and often, if she fancied something she had it there and then but she was still sick several times a day, it's the dehydrating effect that's the worst, on bad days she couldn't even keep down sips of water.

All her babies were born healthy, at the right time and good weights, she was glad when they were born as her symptoms vanished straight away.

Thinking of you xxx

Amanda86 in reply to Hidden

Thank you. I’ll return to GP tomorrow and hopefully they can give me something else that might work this time.

I returned to work today, morning was difficult as vomiting a lot but come the afternoon the vomiting eased a little and the girls were very supportive which was great.

Just need to hope the sickness does ease up in the next few weeks 🤞🤞 xxx

Sorry you’re still being sick 🙁 I found eatting little and often is good. Watermelon. Galia melon. Rice pudding. Salt and vinegar crisps. Cheese toasties. Porridge in the morning with raisins. Chocolate milk. Fruit. Jelly. Trifle. Black currant squash. Beans on toast.

I also found if I felt too sickly it was better to be sick and try again to eat afterwards.

I’m feeling better than I was but still nauseous in the evenings. Hopefully it will pass soon xx

Thank you. I’ll go to GP again tomorrow and hopefully they can give me something else that will hopefully work.

Will be so glad when it eases up, hopefully not much longer now 🤞 xxx

Hope they can help. Also I finding eating hot foods spicy or heat wise don’t agree with me xx

Definitely go back to the GP. Cyclizine is the first line of meds they can try others although are sometimes reluctant if you can keep fluids down. But equally they could try you with a different first line med to see if it works better for you x

Amanda86 in reply to claire16c

Thank you. Xxx

In the earlier stages of pregnancy I used to have cheese quite a lot. It seemed to be the only thing which kept my morning sickness at bay. Xx

I also got put on anti sickness medication . It didn’t always have much of an effect x

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