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Brown Spotting 5/6 weeks pregnant.

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I am new to all of this and would love some advice!

I am 6 weeks pregnant on Monday (today Friday) and i have had two days of dark brown spotting. I have had a little bit left on a panty liner / pants but mainly its when i have been for a wee and like watery brown with some lumpy bits (sorry horrible description) in the toilet and brown on paper. Its always been brown they said to call if it goes red. I have a very slight bit of abdominal pain but annoyingly i have also just had a 48hour vomiting and Diarrhoea bug.

I have been to the doctors and have an early scan booked for Monday but i just feel so anxious and worried it has been a miscarriage and wondered if anybody else had any experience of this?

Thank you So much!

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Hey hun

I'm sorry for what your going through. Although they do say brown blood is nothing to worry about.

When I miscarried before the one I'm experiencing now I spotted brown discharge for days and it was confirmed a miscarriage at 5 weeks.

They're are ppl who have this and go in to have a normal pregnancy. I hope your scan gives you reassurance. Hang in there hun.

Big higs and lots of love 💗💗🤗😘

This may not be much help but I'll reply anyway :).

I've had 2 miscarriages before becoming pregnant with our rainbow boy. On both miscarriages, when it first started to happen I had a slight bit of blood on the tissue when I wiped which throughout the day increased and the pain was like period pain.

Judging by what you've said that it's still brown after 2 days and it is very little with hardly any pain, it seems more likely your baby is fine as if imagine it would of got heavier and would probably be more red by now than brown. It maybe as you've had the bug that it's messed your body round a bit.

Wishing you all the best! Xx

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el24 in reply to Major2116

Thank you for the reply. Very sorry to hear of your past miscarriages.

Just so confusing because it is like a dark brown (like mud coloured sorry for over share) trying to stay positive as i so want it to be ok and i feel tired and sickie and don't fancy certain things i normally love, like Tea. But at the same time this could just be that I'm recovering from the bug.

I know they say spotting can be normal which is what this is like but how many days is classed as normal. Ah too many if buts and maybes hey!

I guess i will just have to wait until Monday see what's going on.


I had brown spotting at 5 weeks 5 days. It looked like mud as you say, it does seem to be pretty common.

I was told not to worry unless the bleeding became red with a heavy flow.

I'm currently 11 weeks 5 days xxx

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el24 in reply to Amanda86

Hi Amanda

Thank you for your reply i so hope i am the same! Were you panicked at the time that it was a miscarriage? Can i ask how long the spotting lasted. Did you have an early scan? Sorry question overload!

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Amanda86 in reply to el24

I was panicked, I've miscarried before and had 2 chemical pregnancies. However, with all of these my spotting always started pink then red very shortly after.

I had an early scan at 7 weeks 2 days, my pregnancy is through IVF and this was the reason for the early scan.

I'd recommend booking to have one as it really does help put your mind at ease xxx

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Amanda86 in reply to el24

Just realised I didn't answer how long the spotting lasted. It lasted about half a day, was fairly heavy in the morning (going onto panty liner) then come the afternoon there was only a little when wiping. Come night it had stopped xxx

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el24 in reply to Amanda86

Sorry to hear of your past that must be so difficult! Yes i have one booked for Monday afternoon. Mine started about 2pm Wednesday and then was on and off for a few hours (when i say on and off i mean when i went for a wee there was either brown spotting or no brown when i wiped or in the toilet) then nothing then again on Thursday and today i have just had a tiny brown streak in my pants once... so a lot longer than you i guess. Still dark brown.

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Amanda86 in reply to el24

That all sounds quite normal I think. The dark brown colour indicates old blood, my sister also had the muddy coloured spotting with her pregnancy. Very annoying, as if we aren't worried enough but it does just seem to be one of those things.

That's great you've got a scan booked, it will definitely help to put your mind at ease 🙂 Xxx

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el24 in reply to Amanda86

Fingers crossed! Ill post on Monday let you know the outcome. Thank you very much! Have a good weekend!

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Amanda86 in reply to el24

Good luck!!

Thank you 🙂 And you!

Speak soon xxx

I have had the same thing!! My god it is stressful!! I know exactly how you are feeling! I started having brown sorting around week 6 and panicked as this is my first pregnancy! The GP sent me for an early scan, and all was fine! We saw baby’s heartbeat so put us at ease!!! The midwife said that it can be total normal and they checked everything to see if there was a reason for the bleeding! And told me if it continued for more than 10 days to get in contact!

So the brown spotting stopped, but last week came back!!!! And naturally i panicked again!!! As I am now 10 weeks! So close to my 12 week scan! So spoke to the GP who again sent me for a scan! And again all was fine I was just panicking and over reacting! Which I guess I will do all the way through! The midwife said that again there was no reason for it but it could be a burst blood vessel or old blood that was trapped but that it’s nothing to worry about!

I hope that it’s the same for you! I’m now 10 weeks 5 days! So I am hoping not to have any more spotting!!!

Hope this helps xxxxx

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el24 in reply to Lallcat

Thank you for your reply I so hope Monday brings good news I hadn’t been spotting at all today and feel so sick and tired so I was feeling super positive but spotting started again tonight and I’ve got a really twingey tummy feels a bit period like but it also is how I feel when I get anxious just don’t know what to think! Such a horrible time not knowing either way it’s making me so so anxious!

Can I ask how long your spotting lasted each time and how heavy it was and was it all day on the days you had it. Sorry for so many questions!

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Lallcat in reply to el24

To be honest it was quite heavy the first time and probably lasted about a week! Then got lighter and was more like light brown discharge. And I still get that on and off now! Good luck for tomorrow. Fingers crossed xx

Sorry to hear about all the miscarriages I know it's emotional devastated.

My story goes as following: first started spotting a week after my period was due, I panicked as I had a miscarriage the previous month and run to A&E as I had other symptoms too, they first did a urine test to verified that I was pregnant and did a scan right away to rule out an atopic pregnancy. I panicked however it was only a scary moment. However my blood test showed that my hormone levels were too low and the scan didn't show an embryo:( got transferred to the early pregnancy unit which they run a series of scans and was advised that the pregnancy will end up in a miscarriage.

I am so glad that they were wrong, now I am holding my little healthy miracle at alsomst 3 month.

Don't lose faith and try to relax as you can miscarriage if you stress too much. Forgot to mention early that I spotted throughout my pregnancy.

Congrats again and don't forget to take your pregnancy vitamins

I was spotting every fortnight from m week 5-8 (something like that)- i just read it's normal for some women- and here I am: breastfeeding my 5months old.

Friend was spotting once a month through out her whole pregnancy - she has a beautiful 5 m old girl.

So don't get yourself down - spotting does not always mean anything bad!x

I spotted in my first pregnancy and luckily all turned out all fine, she's now almost 2 years old

Hi, I had exactly the same and had an early scan at 4,6&8 weeks. I had some pink / red spotting too.

At the 8 week scan they told me I had an ECH which is some bruising on my uterus and is v common!

I’m now 13+2 and haven’t had any spotting since 9 weeks.

It is so worrying but just keep ringing the early pregnancy unit if ur worried and ask them for a scan. Hope all is ok


I had this 3 times and it was quite a lot as in on my bed sheet. I went for an early scan and the baby was fine, they saw a small haemorrhage on my uterine lining but wasn’t causing risk to my pregnancy. I’m 14 weeks now.

I bet this last couple of days has felt like forever hasn’t it!

I really hope everything is fine. Take it easy and rest xx

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el24 in reply to Lyndsaytw79

Sadly today I have started heavy bleeding so I am certain I have miacarried but will have scan tomorrow to confirm just so sad. Thank you all so much for your kind words of support and advice!

So sorry to read this, don't lose all hope, you never know. I've had two miscarriages one at 12 weeks and one at 14 weeks, but have my beautiful rainbow. 🌈 I will keep my fingers crossed for you and hope it's just a scare. xx

Aw no I’m so sad to read this hun. You can go to a&e you know rather than waiting until tomorrow. Although you may be more comfortable at home. I’m really sorry this is happening xx

I had brown spotting at 5 weeks 5 days. It looked like mud as you say, it does seem to be pretty common

I had brown spotting with my first miscarriage. Had it again with my second and was so worried then I went in for a scan today and I heard the heart beat!!! Best feeling ever! Don’t let some people on here freak you out, each pregnancy is different! My doctor said it’s very common for people to spot brown while pregnant, it’s old blood most of the time! Stay off the internet and get a scan!

I am 6 weeks and having brown discharge or white mucus with little red string for 15 days.It is most commonly seen only in morning part of a day.I had 5 week scan and heard heartbeat.Then why is this going on and off?Is it called spotting?

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