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I want to know if am pregnant

Good day, am the one that speak on having unprotected sex with my hubby dat u did urine test which carried out positive, which I later saw my period the next day I did the test and I went for scan which scan carried out negative, I finished my period on Monday and I did the urine test it still carried out positive, am not having any pregnancy reaction, but it like feeling like something is under my Tommy . Please help

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Do a HCG Blood test. Ask your doctor for one.


OK thank u I will do dat


If the urine test is positive sounds like you are pregnant. Might be too early for a scan to pick up anything. There also chance this could be a miscarriage tho if you bleeding heavily. Worth speaking to your doctor for clarification. However you would not be able to feel a pregnancy from your tummy for very long times and if you could felt it would have shown up on scan


Am not bleeding heavily but my period stop late before it stop after 3 but this time it takes like 6days.


Hi darling I will keep my fingers crossed for your. You said that you did a urine text rite I am assuming that it was a pregnancy test. My experience was that I had a positive pregnancy test then I was spotting no bleeding (brown blood not red) had tummy pain so I went to A&E for them to rule out an atopic pregnancy or confirmed that I wasn't pregnant. The scan showed up that my pregnancy was ok however my blood test showed that my hormones levels were low. I was referred to the early pregnancy unit due to the spotting and was advised that could end up in a miscarriage. :( We were very lucky as it didn't end up in a miscarriage now we have a healthy 10 weeks baby.

Go to your nearest A&E and tell them your story so they can rule out atopic pregnancy and to find out why you have tummy problems.

Good luck

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Sorry I forgot to mention that I had a miscarriage the previous month


It may be too early to show as pregnant on a scan or you may have miscarried.

A urine test for pregnancy often shows as positive for up to 3 weeks after a miscarriage as it takes time for your hormones to go back to normal x


Have done the blood test it carried out positive and scan carried out negative which the told me I had miscarried, that it will regulate it self after 6weeks, but please hops it won't affect me from getting pregnant soon I will send the scan result.


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